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    Can the editor explain why?

    Dear ISC Admin,
    Can the concerned editor explain as to why my thread relating to bathing got deleted? Is bathing a crime? Is bathing an indecent, absurd or bad word or a deed? By different means of bathing, we have some benefits to share. Through certain bathing style, we can conserve and save water. Through certain bathing style, we can ensure our health. While so much and so many things are there to discuss, why should the ISC editor send my thread to delete section to rest and sleep forever?

    Will the concerned editor or any other editor come forward to give a detailed explanation for deleting my thread?

    I am not happy with the editors who always worry to bury the threads in a hurry.
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    Day before yesterday, I raised a thread on education loan after painstakingly collecting information from various sites and from my personal experience. As ISC is an educational website, I thought that information relating to educational loan would be useful for some of the Members of this site. The thread was promptly delated, the reason behind it is not known to me. Earlier, for simillar useful financial information, I got cash credit. The policy of ISC is becoming more and more dificult for me. It is more difficult than even Reimann Analysis (integration) of Higher Mathematics.
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    This thread is 11 hours old. Yet no editor had time to look at this thread and post their response. They are very alert to delete but at sleep to respond.
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    Mr Sun, please do not set time limits for editors. We did take notice of your thread as soon as it was posted but since you have raised a very important topic which needs much deliberation among the editors, it is likely to take some more time before one of us post a response. Please be patient! Let me reiterate that WMs do keep a watch and can at any time remove our editing rights if they feel that we are not doing our job properly.
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    Mr. Saji,
    If you have already seen and read the message, kindly post a simple response - "Noted. wait for our response." That will console us, and we will remain in peace.

    @ Please note that an immediate answer to a call is an essential requirement in communication, according to the principles of communication.

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    Mr Sun, you might have observed that we do respond to complaints/ suggestions at the earliest either giving a solution or asking them to wait for a decision but, I say but, when there is an onslaught of complaints which basically deal with the same issue, I think it would neither be feasible nor is it necessary to post such a response to each and every such thread, especially when authors are seniors who are aware of the working pattern in ISC! Please don't bother to post another response, we will surely come back to you.
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    That's what the spirit of ISC editors should be. I really liked and loved your last sentence. Eagerly awaiting your response. Will not remind you, I assure you.
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    Before responding to the question by Sun, I would like to have some clarifications. Firstly, in this thread questioning the abrupt deletion of threads by editors, he suggests that 'Whenever an editor feels that a thread raised by a member is not to his taste,' he should not delete it but should edit it in such a way that it falls within the policies of ISC. Remember that editing is usually a team work which is subject to corrections and individual opinions does not count because others in the team are always free to question a wrong decision. If we are to edit all threads that violates our policies, it would not be humanly possible; though we do it as and when it is within the limits (I can cite a recent example if the author wants it).
    And the same author in this thread in his response at #592009 says ' Patro, You have no right to delete my views expressed or opinion formed. You are only an editor, not a judge at ISC.'
    And finally in this thread he is asking for an explanation as to why a particular thread posted by him was deleted.

    Mr Sun, are you clear about what you want from the editors here? Anyone going through the threads referred to along wth the responses would easily understand the confusion that has been created. I hope our members will go through the links and try to unearth the truth and so I don't think I need to explain further about the whole scenario.
    Now, coming to the particular thread to which the author is referring to, I am not able to understand why the author finds pleasure in trying to peep into other's bathroom (courtesy Modi and Rahul). If I am not mistaken, we had earlier deleted a thread by the author when he wanted to know whether we use water or tissue to clean ourselves in the toilet. Bathing is not at all a crime but why should one want to know how one takes a bath? Why should I put to discussion a point that is very much personal? Does it bother someone if I bath beneath the shower or use a bucket and mug or put on the geyser or heat up the water under the Sun? Hence the thread was deleted.

    My response would be incomplete if I don't clear the doubt from Partha at #592124 in this thread. Do we need to remind you time and again that threads that are just informative in nature will be approved only 'once in a while' and you have been advised to refrain from posting such contents on a regular basis. Try to understand instead of sticking on to individual ideas. And the irony is that Partha has preferred to register his protest in the thread by Sun who had earlier questioned the approval of such threads saying that ISC is becoming a newspaper!

    So far, so good! Sun, please post a response only if you need further clarification. I have tried to make the point clear from the view of editors.

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    Mr. Ganesh! Read your reply in response to my previous comment. As far as I know, I can raise only 15 threads per week. I want to utilise these threads for discussing various issues (with other Members) about which I have some knowledge or interest. If I have to raise threads protesting deletion of my threads then my Forum posts would lose the variety and Members (including Editors) may call me 'crying baby'. And the present thread of Mr. Sun is relating to deletion of threads. So, I have mentioned that a thread of mine was also deleted on 27th February. Mentioning this fact does not indicate that I support each and every view of Mr. Sun. If any other Member would raise any thread on this issue, I would respond similarly to that thread also.

    I hope I have made myself clear.

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    Partha at #592235, you did not mention anything about posting informative threads and the suggestions given to you by the editors. And what do you mean by 'utilize these threads for discussing various issues'? Can letting us know what we already know through different sources be called a discussion? Please, for the sake of being fair, do not feign ignorance!
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    A Very bad thought and poor explanation, I must start with. I do agree that I wanted the editors to do their editing job by removing the unnecessary/irrelevant/indecent/absurd words from the members' post or responses to keep the thread alive. I never said that they should delete the core thought of a member. The thread in question where Mr. Patro deleted my statement was improper. My remark was to hang the psychopath. Was it wrong? It was my good thought. Why should Mr. Patro remove it?. Is killing a dangerous guy irrelevant and not acceptable to the society? Don't a criminal get killed by the law? A psychopath is a serial killer who would continue his killing activities if not killed. Should we not stop him killing by killing him? There could be different school of thoughts. But it was my own thought, and should not have been deleted by the good and intelligent editor Patro. It should have been left for discussion rather than deleting it.

    I did raise threads on toilets and bathrooms. Though it is personal, they are knowledge sharing threads. It doesn't affect or harm anyone. It is only a discussion. When someone can discuss the toothbrush/toothpaste/toothpowder and how to brush our teeth, why not I call for discussion on the toilets and bathrooms.

    I did not ask the members as to how they take bath. I simply asked them about the best way of taking bath. Supposing, if I raise a thread -' How to earn quick money', is it not a personal one? Will you delete it calling it as personal?

    Funny and misunderstanding ISC editor, I must say and conclude.

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    Why should I feign ignorance? I am giving an example. Today I have raised a thread on Haflong, the only hill-station in Assam. You may call it an informative thread, but I would be very happy if somebody asks me about the flora and fauna of Haflong, the population of the town, the weather, tribal people living there, hotel accommodation, etc. I mean to say that even if you consider such thread as informative, I think there is ample scope of discussion if you have interest. But that is a very big 'if'!
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    Partha @ #592239, I reiterate that such threads will be allowed only at intervals. Hope you got my point.

    Mr Sun, it is very easy to get away with such irresponsible comments. Do you have an answer to what I specifically asked? Let us be serious instead of having fun ( as per your interpretation) for the time being!

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    I clarified all your doubts. What is your question that need an answer from me?
    Will my thread on best way of bathing placed for discussion or not?

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    Sun - No, it will not be put up for discussion. Saji has clearly given the reason. It is intrusive and inappropriate. It would be good to use a little common sense & a certain level of maturity to understand what can be considered as decent and non-intrusive.

    Partha - your thread on education loans and Haflong would have been better for the articles section.

    This thread is now being closed since sufficient clarifications have been given.

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