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    Have you heard about Steno language?

    How many days would it take to learn steno language? Is steno language tough to learn? I want a detailed information about steno language. Which is the best training institute in Delhi which imparts training in Stenography?
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    I think modern students may not even know what is stenography. Gone are the days when every candidate aspiring for jobs should qualify the typewriting and stenography and that was made must even for government jobs. Steno is the language of strokes through which every letter in alphabet is decoded and written fast so that the writing would match with the dictation of the boss. But over the passage of time and with the advent of computer, stenography has lost its sheen and people are highly depending on computer typing which is also useful to correct our spelling mistakes online. As far as steno institutes in Delhi, I fear there may not be available as the takers are few for this old fashioned writing of notes. Anyway you can still verify personally in Chandini Chowk area market or Ajmeri gate side when there were some institutes previously.
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    Gone are the days when we had valued stenography. These days, with the voice recording facility available in Mobile phones, we need not take note of anything. Even in an office, the boss operates a computer and provides the hard copy to his assistant. Stenography is nothing but simple strokes. One can learn it within six months. I do not know whether there are institutions teaching stenography now.
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