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    Do not get influenced by what others say

    It's human tendency to get influenced by what others speak. If you are getting influenced in a good way then it is fine but generally we leave good things and take only negative thoughts and then we get influenced with it. Suppose your friend has a hatred on someone then he will start misleading others against him by saying only negative things though that person is good to us. We will start developing hatred against the person listening to friend and we will start finding faults. So we should always have our owning thinking of judging what is right and what is wrong and we should never get influenced by what others say.
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    Very interesting and thought provoking thread this one.
    There are people who easily get influenced by what others say and their decisions are highly affected by this.
    Unfortunately what others say is as per their thinking and interest and not to our choice. So if we are influenced by their arguments it is very damaging and loss making proposition to us.
    On the contrary there are people who listen to every one but do as per their wisdom and they are the people who are successful in their endeavours.
    One has to develop the art of listening but at the same time should have a judgement to analyze what other is talking and how far it is relevant.
    If it is relevant it is to be adopted after considering all pros and cons otherwise it is to be rejected in totality.
    So in essence we must listen but do not get influenced until unless it is really beneficial to us in some way or another.

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    Influence in majority of places is needed to get the work solved. But at the sametime we should not utilise influence in temples and other holy places, where we are expected to follow the procedure. When we are discussing about the getting influenced with other's saying is to be considered as good one as the same is identify our good and bad.

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    If we want to be get influenced by others with their life style or living condition, we cannot pull on even for a day. No doubt we move with the people who are well off than us education wise and even money wise. For that we cannot take it granted that all their advise and suggestions would move us to influence greatly. We have to see our ability, income, standing in the life and above all provisions for the future. All these things surely matter for the middle class and we just cannot carried away with the influence of others for no reason. Yes we may take pledge to develop on par or even better than their position sooner or later.
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    Influence of others on one's life style will always be there. In my childhood days, one young man was staying in our neighboring house. He was wearing very nice shirts and looking handsome. I got influenced by his dresses and always used to ask my father to purchase similar dresses. Like this when we are in problem many of our friends and relatives will give their opinions and suggestions. If we get influenced by these suggestions and implement some times the problem will get worsened. There is a poem in telugu. The meaning of the poem is one should listen very carefully what others say. But you should not implement the same immediately. You have to think about it and then only you should implement if you feel it is good. This type people will be successful in their life. As an individual we know the all in and outs of our problem. Hence it is better to take a best decision even though many people give their suggestion.
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