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    Apologise to ISC Admin if they find my words "Challanging" to them.

    I am humbly apologise to ISC admin if they feel that I am challenging them. No, challenging words never comes in my mind. Yes, I have my differences with some of their decision and say it with straight words. So, please take my apologise direct from my heart if in the past my words hurt you.

    Now, let me come to the point. I would like to request Lead EDITOR Saji Ganesh to clarify me.

    My forum footer - "I am trying to learn not to play musical instruments in front of buffaloes". It was said by him as indecent. Alright!

    What about this forum footer which says - "Looks like a few people are definitely trying to make sense of their respective nonsenses!" Is it musical in Saji Ganesh ear?

    It has been said By lead editor Saji Ganesh to me - "It would be better to stay away if you cannot accept and adjust to a system."

    Why he need to say such words? Just because I always come against of them or just because they find uncomfortable with my questions? If it so then why it is so? At first, please stop using such statement.

    Alright, I will go out of ISC, if they find so difficult to answer me but not just because editors are annoyed with me. I will always question them if anything wrong happening.

    "If any two member of ISC (Two I said because one member is always ready to get rid of me with obvious reason) those who know me more than 1 years, feel that I should go out of ISC, I will go. I have never insulted any member, neither I abused anyone.

    I request member to say if I should go out of ISC? If the member decide, I will go out without saying a words.

    Let's finish this matter once and for all.

    I have not posted this thread to debate so request to Saji that please don't lock this thread abruptly. I would like to settle this serious matter in this thread itself.
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    I like it. What you brought out is the truth which is objectionable. It is like placing butter(Makkan) on one eye and Chunna (lime stone)on another eye. One is sweet and the other is bitter. It is a double standard. Both the following footers are not a healthy one. It is like attacking someone.
    1 .I am trying to learn not to play musical instruments in front of buffaloes"
    2. Looks like a few people are definitely trying to make sense of their respective nonsenses"

    A good member of ISC too had similar footer with sense and nonsense, and is removed now. (update - Sorry, it is still there)

    ISC should wake up to remove the objectionable footer too. ISC should carefully watch the footers and take action without any fear or favour.

    No life without Sun

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    Stop being a liar & stop adding fuel to fire!

    -> You are lying about the other footer '....with sense and nonsense'. That footer is still there.

    -> Instead of trying to make someone understand his mistake, you are instigating him.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    May I request Both Sun and Gypsy, not to hijack my this thread. This thread is not for debate, if you both want to debate, post another thread.

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    Sorry, It is still there. My mistake. I stand corrected. I have edited

    No life without Sun

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    It is not a debate or fight. It is to support and bring out the fact and justify the ISC's partiality to members. Please bear with me.

    No life without Sun

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    Request to Sun and Gypsy and other members, please stick to my point and answer whether I should go out of ISC or no? If you can not answer directly, you can just pass it without any other matter being said. More than anything I want to know what members think about me, i would take their decision as final.

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    Mr. Jeet,
    In this thread, you sought apology explaining the reason. Regarding our vote whether you should continue or discontinue, kindly raise a separate thread seeking the opinion of the members whether to stay or say good bye to ISC. We will meet you there with our frank opinion.

    No life without Sun

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    Thank you Sun for your frank comment, seems you missed to read my entire post. Anyway, Thank you.

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    Mr. Jeets
    ISC or its members will never tell a member to quit or leave or say bye bye to this site. It is up to the member to decide whether he/she should stay or quit. You have the freedom and liberty to decide, not to depend on the members' words. All ISCians are positive thinkers. They love their fellow members despite any quarrel, fight or difference of opinion. After all, we are in a virtual site. We can do nothing except to write our thoughts and opinion in simple English or good English or standard English or high-flying English.

    I hate to see the words - Quit, Leave and Bye bye at ISC.
    @ If you raise a separate thread with an attractive title, you will find the members pouring in to your thread to give their frank opinion.

    No life without Sun

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    Jeets, let us leave aside all other issues and decide first as to whether your reply, 'Thank you Tony Sir, admin can take their own sweet time. By then I will use my this account to use my forum footer.' to the response, 'We have made a decision that we cannot restore your forum footer access since the reasons for removing the permission still exists.' by Tony sir in this thread straightaway amount to challenging the admin. Doesn't your statement imply that you would prefer to have your way irrespective of what the admin say and thereby doesn't it indirectly suggest that either you will carry on the way you are or you should not be allowed to continue here? So, I don't think I was wrong in suggesting that you should either listen to what the admin has to say (with all rights and privileges to express your opinion in a dignified manner) or should stay away from the site. I don't think there is any point in challenging a system.

    It is nice that you opted to apologize but the rider ' if they find' shows that you have not yet made up your mind and in that context, I feel, that an apology has no meaning.

    I will get back to your thread once you give a convincing explanation to what I have said.

    *I don't recommend raising a separate thread to take a survey on your acceptability among members as suggested by Sun.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Saji, I have already apologise for what you and admin felt "challenging". My apologise to this thread clearly mean for what Tony sir is said in your given URL thread. Even I too felt that my forum footer was not good, I agree with it and thus I raised this thread. So, don't talk about past now for what i have asked for sorry. You may be not wrong in saying so but do you always correct with your point?

    I am replying to you just because you had question me else please avoid any debate on this issue because you may not like some facts if I open up, you might again run to delete my post. So requesting you keep it the topic up to this thread.

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    #1. In the title you say sorry in your sarcastic way. And in the very next paragraph you say sorry direct from your heart.

    #2. Then in the next paragraph you say - "Now, let me come to the point.", which means that whatever you said in the title and the first paragraph was not the main point. Of course, it was not the main point because you had said " if they ......." & put the word 'challenging' in double inverted commas which means you are referring to the word which someone used somewhere else. Then you seek clarification regarding the forum footers etc from Saji.

    So, if you are again seeking clarifications, it means you have not realized your mistake as yet.

    #3 Then you divert thread to quitting ISC if two members tell you to quit.

    Then somewhere else in the thread you said let's not talk about the past.

    Then you tell Sun & me to stick to the point of the thread. You seem to be confused.

    Can you tell what exactly is the main point of this thread?

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Yes, you are right. It is mixed with my feeling which I had in my mind and wanted to say in one thread.

    1. I don't understand how it looks sarcastically? When I have straight way said sorry. In other thread Saji said to me that I am challenging to admin which I didn't mean. If I have to be sarcastic, I have other way too to say things. What I said is not sarcastically if it looks so, I am sorry again. If I feel I am wrong, I would not stop myself to say sorry.

    2. Yes, I was referring to Saji remarks in other thread so I put it in inverted comma. "Let me come to the point", yes it is wrong grammatically, which should have avoided. It all came may be due to my poor English. But I was trying to bring the matter of forum footer which admin felt indecent which I agreed. And I agreed because knew my mistake. Everyone does mistakes, you too have done, not you? However, judgement should be done without taking anyone side. I am not saying admin is wrong but other footer are too which are indecent.

    3. Yes, I have not diverted, it is said in the same thread. Why should I stay away of ISC when my behaviour is not wrong with other members. I am going to stay here and keep my voicing out whenever it require. But yes, if member feel I am indecent, who keep abusing others, showing his ego to members simply to show my supremacy, if really other member feel this way , I will go out of ISC.

    Yes, Saji was talking on the same subject for what I apologised, which was already past.

    I tells you and Sun to stick to the point, I have not posted this thread to debate or discussion. I only asked to member whether I should go out of ISC. I am not confused, but if you are confused, I am sorry for that.

    I think I have replied you honestly the way I am.

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    Mr. Jeets,
    Seeking or asking or making an apology should be limited to few words, or one or two sentences only. On one side you are making an apology, on the other side, you are questioning the editor, and further you are asking members to post their opinion about you. So it is a mixed thread.

    You said what you wanted to say. The concerned Editor responded to your thread with what he wanted to say. Members like me and Gypsy said what we wanted to say.

    Since you have realized your mistake, it is ISC web master's turn to accept your apology and pardon you, and open the footer for you.

    No life without Sun

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    1. Defying admins' directive is challenging their authority.
    2. Nobody is going to tell you to quit, be assured. Not even me, believe me. So, don't even ask. It will be a total waste of time & resources.
    3. Nobody said anything about your English, so no point in mentioning that.
    4. If you want to ask members whether you should quit or not, then a simple 3-4 sentences would have sufficed.
    5. Why do you want to ask members about quitting ISC? You just ask yourself & do whatever you think is right.
    6. Rules of the master of the house prevail everywhere, so whosoever wants to stay here will have to follow the rules of the admin, both of us included. And immaterial of the fact whether we agree with them or not. It is as simple as that. The sooner everybody understands that the better it will be.
    7. Nobody is against you in particular. You are highly mistaken about that (wanted to make it bold, but have been told not to use HTML, so am not doing it). Admin knew that you have another ID, and you openly used it to vent your feelings, still they did not block your second ID. Why?

    If they wanted that you should quit the site, then they would have simply blocked your second ID too. They did not do so because they do not want you to quit ISC forever. They just want you to realize your mistake. That is it, believe me if you can and if you want to.

    Why do not you just forget everything and start totally afresh?

    Here is something which may deliver what I want to say -"To heel a wound you need to stop touching it!"

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Jeets, I feel that your response at #592209 need to be considered. I agree with Gypsy (for your kind information he is neither my guide nor mentor as you have perceived; you may clarify the same from him through a PM if felt necessary) that it is time to bury the past.

    To quote from your response referred to, 'Everyone does mistakes, you too have done, not you? However, judgement should be done without taking anyone side. I am not saying admin is wrong but other footer are too which are indecent.'; Okay fine! Even we commit mistakes as editors; but the point is to realize that we have made a mistake and put in some effort to tame our mentality and correct ourselves. A wrong doing by one should not be taken as a licence to be followed by others.

    Jeets, bury the past and start afresh. You have the potential but you need to divert your energy towards the positive side. You are very well within your rights to point out if a member has committed a mistake and leave the rest to the admin to decide. Hanging on to a perceived concept will not help. Try to understand that we are not enemies out here in the garb of editors. We don't have, believe me, we don't have any special feeling for any member; what we are bothered about is only about ISC and the contents posted therein.

    In view of what I have stated, I suggest you to revive your activity in ISC with an open mind and stop repeating what you have already poured out though many threads and responses. Do not be in a hurry to reply me. Take your time, give what me and others have said a thought and then post a response.

    I will be glad to answer to the particular queries you have raised in the thread if you still look forward to it (Do let me know specifically). And, please remember that editors won't feel threatened if a member say that he will open up because we do only what we can justify (logically and not according to the perception of members).

    Hope you got the point! All the best!

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    While we are at it, let me clear a misconception or two, which you have been having

    a) Admin are not biased at all. All members of ISC are favorites of admins and all of them get an equal treatment from them. Nobody, I repeat - NOBODY, gets a preferential treatment here, that is what I have observed & I feel. If a response deserves to be deleted, then it does not matter who posted it, it will get deleted.

    You are aware that so many of my responses too get deleted when I go overboard. Would my responses have been deleted if I were a favorite member of the admin? Just ask yourself.

    We need to look at things in a proper perspective to understand the actions of admin.

    b) You have many a time accused me of being in touch with the admin through FB and mails. For your information, I have not even once posted on Tony's FB page till date. Secondly, I do not even have an FB account since a very long time. Thirdly, I do not even remember when I sent the last mail to Tony, must have been more than 8-10 months now.

    So, I am not in touch with admin at all as you believe.

    @Saji: Well, that was quite an embarrassing thing to say.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Let me make it short and say which I feel to say at this junction.

    1. I have not hidden my identity when I come up with other account. I openly said it is me so that there should not be any confusion.

    2. There is a big gap between talk and action of editors like how we find between Earth and Mars. Why there are so many threads raised against them? Not only me but other members too have felt the bias talk and judgements.

    3. There is big transformation on a member once they become ISC editor. The simple example is Saji and Jagdish Patro. Anyone can notice the change in their talk which is totally different when they were just a "member". No offence I mean I am just telling you what I have experienced in ISC.

    4. It would do world of betterment in ISC if editor try to speak like member ( as they often say editors are member too) than showing their authority over their words.

    5. They may not make differences between members but it hardly show in their real action.

    6. Saji talks that editors are not threaten if someone open up but they take no time to delete such post which reveal their weakness whether it is against forum policy or not.

    7. "A wrong doing by one should not be taken as a license to be followed by others".

    If a "wrong doing" is corrected, no one will question to editors but sad part is that the members have to make them realize before they act the way they talk.

    8. Editors too should take time and give their thoughts before deleting a post.

    And at the end, I just want to finish with saying that I too never mean that anyone is my enemy here in ISC. I will keep continue the way I am but of course burying the past with my fellow editors and Gypsy.
    Before I end I would like to say sorry to Vandana the ME, Gypsy and Kailash Kumar (who is not seen nowadays) if I hurt them with my words, with whom I was only in attacking mode.

    I seriously hope that situation in ISC would be much better from both sides after this discussion.

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    Thank you for the apology that you have tendered to me. It means a lot. We will move on.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    [Opening part of the text removed]

    Coming to your point about editors, I agree that editors are also basically members but then they are carrying out an additional duty which carries certain responsibilities that has been assigned to them. Our President and Prime Minister are also basically citizens of India but they cannot be expected to behave and react in the same manner as a common citizen because they are holding a position which carries certain responsibility. It is the same case with any job. A clerk will change his attitude and way of functioning once he is promoted to the post of superintendent because his new responsibility is different and demands a different approach. Be open to the world and you will find the difference.

    Jeets, if it was to show authority, editors could have easily manipulated threads without allowing any freedom to the members including you. The very fact that editors are being kicked left and right is ample proof of the fact that ISC admin is impartial and so are the editors. Bury the hatchet if you want and bury it totally if something better is to be expected.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Jeets at #592274, I seriously doubt whether you would be able to change your basic attitude; please do make an effort.

    Saji, what do you mean by "my basic attitude"? What's wrong about it?

    My attitude will not run according to ISC editor taste. You are just simply creating issue with your own assumption. What do you expect that I start doing sycophancy to you? Then my attitude will become greater?

    Please avoid creating issue for what I have already said so much and come down. I have forwarded my foot on right direction, you too need to come forward, staying on your place if you imagine that I will come crawling to you, please don't expect that.

    My attitude will totally depend on your attitude.

    I have said my point and have nothing more to say. I am only responsible to what I mean and not for what you assume or understand. And my views are clear.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Saji, think of it, if your last response was necessary to send according to your editorial view. Is it not taunting just because you didn't like my attitude?

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