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    What are the expectations of ISC Editors from ordinary Members?

    Every person has some expectations from the organisation with which he/she is intimately associated. Similarly, every organisation has some expectations from the persons who are associated with the organisation. If both parties know each others expectations, then the chance of dispute and discord gets minimised. This I studied in the human resource management papers (cause, management and solution of the disputes).

    Now, let us apply this well-known technique of dispute management in the context of ISC. Let us (the common Members of ISC) know the expectations of ISC management from the Members. If we come to know the expectations, then we, the common Members, may make efforts to fulfill these expectations.

    I hope the Managing Editor, Lead Editors and other Editors will intimate their expectations clearly without any ambiguity.

    I request all Members (including the Editors) to have a peaceful discussion. We must not try to heckle or belittle each other. Let us give this conflict management method an honest try.
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    An excellent thread raised by the Author. I wish and expect the responses from our Managing editor, Lead editors and editors. I also expect WM Tony John to present himself in this thread and put up his expectations. Let us hear from all.
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    Based on the experience so far had in this site as a senior member the ISC editors expects the following from each and every member.
    1. Try to understand the fact that editors are also members like us and hence need not pressure them.
    2. Every editor is working here only in spare time and hence we cannot expect quick reactions or actions.
    3. Editors are bound by ISC rules and cannot show allegiance with any member though they may like them.
    4. Erring is possible even by editors. We should have the magnanimity to pardon them.
    5. Once becoming editor, they are in admin ring. So some harsh decisions cannot be questioned by us.
    6. Just remember we may not be happy with a editor then if he bows out, are we ready to take his place ?

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    Partha, first of all expectations are not of editors but of the admin. And what the admin expects from the members are clearly mentioned in the guidelines for posting contents herein and the time to time suggestions put forward by the editors on behalf of the admin. We do look forward to new members who have the potential to improve and do guide them to the best of our ability and also do point out corrections in the case of established members; but to expect that one need to be told time and again without resorting to any punitive action would be taking things too far. Rules and regulations are for one and all and though, due to the leverage allowed here, we do act blind at times, editors are tuned to take appropriate action at the right time. I think one should not put in extra efforts to touch the nose when it can be done directly without taking your hand behind the nape.
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