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    Do you rank our present PM far more superior than all his predecessor PM's?

    Many people after listening his speeches and observing his working mode are believing our presennt PM is far more superior than his predecessors like Nehru, Lal Bahadur, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv and Vajpayee. If you believe so in what ways he is superior to those people? Some of his party workers are even comparing with Gandhiji. What is your opion regarding this?
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    Mine will not be a sarcastic remark. In fact, Modi is greater than the former Prime Ministers of India, by his weight, height, broad chest, roaring voice, and strength like Hanuman (Being a bachelor though married). Nehru family members as PM (Nehru, IndiraGandhi(Lady), Rajiv Gandhi)were very soft. They were married and did not have a sound body like Modi. Gouda was tall and stout but sleepy. Manmohan was very mild. Vajpayee was strong but weak. Lal Bahadur Sastri was bold but short. VP Singh was not courageous. Morarjee Desai was too old but bold. Narasimha Rao was old.

    Modi stands tall among all the Prime Ministers of India,

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    Certainly not superior but he is equivalent. But still he is excellent than some of them. He is equivalent to Indira Gadhi, Lal Bahadur Sastri and Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji. All PM has their own unique style to attract people. Considering present situation but he is best and people of India has shown faith in him. Good thing above all about Narendra Modi is he don't rely on decisions with others and opposition. He known why he is there and what is importance of his position.
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    I like Prime Minister Modi for various reasons. Never in the history of my life, I had ever had the direct contact with a Prime Minister through Twitter and my in box is filled with greetings during festivals. No other Prime Minister in India was having so much connecting with the ordinary people like me. Secondly PM Modi has the guts to take on the mighty Congress with his witty remarks against which Rahul Gandhi is unable to cope up. The oratory speech of our PM either in Hindi or English is awesome and we can really enjoy the speech with new knowledge and wisdom. And taking some far reaching decisions are the cake walk to our PM. I doubt even if L K Advani would have become PM, he could not have taken far reaching decisions. The demonetization move really baffled every one and political parties had the worst blow. So all these matters make him at the top none comparable to him.
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    I think Prime Minister Modi is far superior than others.In three years we have never listen about any member of Modi's family is playing main role taking decision for the country,as predecessor had.We listen Modi through Man Ki Bat.He invites citizen to send entries for the rising problems of the country.Mr Modi has made citizen smarter than before.By his attitude citizens are taking part in the development of the country.Clean India Program is successful.Skill India Progam is being successful.
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    I like our present Prime Minister Narendra Modi because of his vision, mission and total commitment to the causes of the country, He is decisive and takes decision considering the overall welfare of Indians. Unlike some other political leaders, he is uncompromising when the issue is India's unity and integrity.
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    Our present Prime minister Sri. Narendra Modi is the best prime minister so far India had.
    He is a very good Orator. He is reaching people through Mankibat. He is inviting suggestions from public. After he came to power no scandal. He brought huge money to government by coal mines auctioning. Demonetization is a brave decision he has taken i. Except politicians and Babus, everybody supported the move. Now he is the most followed person all over the world. He is trying to make India shine much better.

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    I don't think our present PM is superior to his predecessor. Our PM and BJP is very good in marketing and we have to appreciate them of this skill but I don't see any changes in ground. He should look back what promises he gave during his campaign. He asked 5 years, now almost 3 years gone. Does he fulfilled at least 10% of his promises? BJP is just following previous government policies and don't see anything new except 1 or 2.

    Current PM is superior only in his oratory skills to his predecessor.


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