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    Energy gain Holidays

    school students need not be told how necessary holidays are for them. They welcome holidays with joy . In fact , they put pressure on the head of their school on the least excuse to declare a holiday. Infact, regular intervals of rest and recreation are really necessary . There is an old saying
    All work and no play,
    makes jack a dull boy.
    Holidays are necessary for mental health for the young students who are engaged in continuous mental work, holidays at regular intervals are all the more necessary.Without a break , continuous work will injure their health, especially their mental health.
    All the same , holidays may be abused . People may idle away holidays shut up in their houses. or, they may spend holidays doing some tiring job. That would make young school students disinterested to go back to their schools. They would come back tired rather than refreshed.
    Thus, we should avoid unhealthy amusement. We should get plenty of refreshing sleep. We should get away into the pure air of the countryside. That would restore our energy to take up our daily school routine with greater interest and vigour.
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    Holidays for students are equally important of study. Earlier there used to special shows on TV only on holiday's. But now things are changed , students on their own makes plans. Even some parents makes their own plan without considering children. Once in month there should be family outing to change mood of daily routine. Mostly all weekday plans are executed in weekends and holidays. While elders finishes house pending things , younger ones plan for sports and entertainment activities.
    Long weekend which has combine holidays of 3-4 days make sense to go out at native place or hill station. By having joy and fun during holidays resets our clock to study hard as with fresh mind.

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    Every student would love to have holidays and no class. There seems to be more liking for this cutting across all the sections of the students. It is said that even the bright student want to enjoy some break from the routine and hence would support a holiday. When we were studying, as soon as we come to the school , we would go to the staff room and see which teacher was absent so that the next period would be preponed and we shall have last period as leisure to play games and so on. And if more than two teachers are absent, we shall definitely have the half day school for that day.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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