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    Never give a name tag to small kids

    When we see a small kid, often elders give some name tag to those kids as shy, naughty, arrogant, rude, lazy etc. These name tags will make a huge impact on kids and the same will remain in their minds even after they grow up. We should always speak encouraging words to the kids rather than naming them. Children don't remain the same and they change as they grow up. A shy kid might turn out to be bold and naughty might change to be silent. But when we name kids and call them that way, they tend to lose their confidence and they will fear to speak out openly among people. So we should never give a name tag to any kid.
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    I am fully agreeing with the author that by giving a name tag to the child, we are degrading the potential of the child to grow vertically. A child becomes shy not because of his inherited quality, but he was sidelined by the parents in the past. A child becomes naughty as he was given the wide scope by the parent to be so. A child becomes arrogant, if he is too much pampered for no reason and again parents are responsible for that. Like wise rude behavior of the child also depends on parent nurturing. And lazyness comes to a child, thanks to the lazy behavior of the parent. So what I mean to say like parent, like child. If the mother is progressive and having far reaching ability to understand the child in best way, there is no chance that the child would drift away from the main path of nurturing.
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    Giving a name tag to children appears amusing but later on it turns out to be an embarrassing thing and may not be good for personality development.
    It is better to refrain from giving such name tags to children.
    We should address them by their short names or nick names so that it is continued even after they are grown up.

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    Yes, it's not a good sign to give a name tag to the children. The children tend to behave the way we treat them. So by giving a name tag, the parents are stopping their growth and change in their behaviour. The parents should give them freedom and let the children be what they feel like because a child can always not be calm but when the parents give a name tag saying the child is calm, the child tries be calm even when he/she wants to do something.

    So by giving a name tag, the parents are suppressing their feelings. Give freedom to the children and accept the way they are, may be naughty, talkattive, calm anything. As they grow up, they will surely understand on their own when and how to behave.

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    Totally agreed with sushma Ji. Many parents in some dissatisfaction,that too the dissatisfaction comes out of their over expectation, on their children. They are mostly not treating the children as children and by seeing other children and comparing with them they are giving such name tags. It is really a bad one as the same is mostly discouraging them and even in some cases the start to hate them. If we tell them softly when doing mischief etc., they are all adhering well, as I got experience through my mother.

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    Well, I agree that giving a name to a kid can cause issues with respect to their personality development. Repeatedly saying things about the personality of a kid can always hinder their overall growth.
    I am always against this. You should never judge a person or a kid and brand him or her from what you perceive. Make an attempt to understand the hidden talents they may have. I myself have suffered as a victim of this branding by parents. I know how it feels.

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    Kids have very sharp memory and take every comment not with the emotion but when they are growing the same negative name slowly it create a problem. This negative name and comment with such name start embossing on their mind. This process will definitely a big hurdle to their overall growth. This acts as a source of discouragement to them without our notice because for us it will not be new but kids are developing with the fast perception of all the happening related to their name. SO it is advisable to all the parents and the relative of their family to avoid such tagging to ensure the overall growth of their kid.
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    Early age years are the most sensitive years of any human being. They can either be growing up stressed or growing up mindful. As said by Ms. Sushma, the kid looks up to his/her elders and believe them with full heart and soul. When called by an adjective such as Lazy, rude, arrogant the kid starts to internalize the nature and is not able to express his true self. By this activity of tagging by parents, grandparents, other relatives the whole paradox gets affected like their study, sleep pattern, social life and the brain starts experiencing restrictions to think of life beyond and instead of growing up as a well read and thoughtful person the kid experiences shallowness in his/ her presence and is far away from leading a fulfilling life!

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