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    Enjoying partial independence during my wife's absence!

    My daughter's annual examination has been over. My wife and my daughter have now gone to Kolkata to visit my parents. So, I am alone, living like an undisputed king in my Government accommodation. I wake up as and when I wish, I go to bed when I wish, I take food which I wish. Feeling good for few days! Remembering those care-free bachelor days.

    However, sometimes my sister creates some problem. She and her husband come to my residence unannounced (they stay at the next block) to check what I am doing. They insist me to have meal with them, which I have to accept at least once.

    These beautiful days will continue till next Sunday. My wife and my daughter are returning from Kolkata on Monday.
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    Happy are those ,who have someone to care.Complete freedom is n't good in any sense.Sometimes it makes the person ill.Taking of all food items and too much foods are n't good for health.Your wife and daughter would n't give you sugar,you like to take too much sugar.They would check to take too much spicy food.In their absence don't eat those food item which are n't good for keeping good health.You have mentioned in a forum thread that you have habit of getting up early.If someone have habit than it difficult to change.From the bottom of the heart you are waiting for their coming.
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    After reading the post I got laughter and also felt jealousy about your new found Independence without wife interference nor other family members. But it seems your wife has no confidence on your living style in her absence and hence put a check on you by the sudden visits of your sister and jijaji to have a tow on your new behavioral pattern. No doubt living care free life as a bachelor is the longing wish of any senior, but not every one would be gifted like you. By the way what is the life without wife and children and the daily quarrels, difference of opinion, chiding do bring in fresh lease of life every day.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: Not only my wife, but also my sister has no confidence on me. But they forget that I lived alone in different parts of the country from August 1989 to November 1999 (during the period I was a working bachelor!).

    Ms. Indu Singh: Madam what you have said is correct. But like every animal, human being also longs for independence, may be for a very short period!

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    Partha Ji, such partial freedom is just to enjoy, they are giving us. As we never enjoy such freedom if we think the reality behind it. Similar thing was happened to me also one time. I enjoyed the partial freedom in the absence of my wife in my house. But on the next two months' gap, I got an official trip to Hyderabad and happened to stay there for a period of ten days. But during that ten days though I was free from all my house routine, I just got bored even on the next day. So, the partial freedom as told by you is just mirage

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    Mr. Pattabiraman: What you have said is 100% correct. We get bored if our partner remains absent for a long time, but occasional absence for three or four days helps both. Of course, this is my personal opinion.
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    Well, I do have complete freedom in whatever I do even when my wife is around. Frankly speaking, I used to enjoy those two-three days as stated by Partha during the first few years of my married life. Later on - after these 16 years of togetherness, I have grown so fond of her company that I just get bored to hell if I have to stay without her.
    This is my personal opinion though.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I do not know how ISC forum editors are allowing such threads for discussion and delete valuable topics posted for discussion. Is it not the funny attitude of editors of ISC not knowing what is to be allowed and what is to be deleted? What is important in this thread, my dear Editors? Is it not a personal life of Partha and his lovely wife? Should we discuss it seriously?
    No life without Sun

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    Sun what I feel that there is nothing wrong in this thread raised by Partha as this deals with the attitude of the men when their better half is away. That kind of freedom is the different one and that is what more intimately discussed here. And I know there are people who wont part with the wife even for one hour in a day and for them the enjoyment and living with parting cannot be cherished nor described. So let this post be there and have the inclusive participation of other members too citing their personal experience. By the way this is a forum and we have the right to discuss issues pertaining to life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Enjoy your freedom but take care of the house so that all the items are in tact as Mrs. Partha was maintaining before her vacation. Otherwise there would be a 'crocodile festival' after their return! Generally the human tendency is that we feel our freedom is curtailed after marriage, whether it could be a male or a female. But God has crafted the beautiful bondage between the two souls that both of them would take care of each other even in one's absence and always would be thinking of the other, even for a short spell of separation. That's the beauty of life and marriage. Well, your thread has really generated some humour and lighter vein among us.

    @Sun: This thread is allowed to generate some lighter moments among the members. Even your threads on 'Padmini' were allowed because of your attachment with her. You don't leave any stone to hit back on Editors and your argument would lose the soil, if certain standards are not maintained.


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    The thread has nothing to do with the personal life of the author. He has been pointing out the way we would be feeling as men when the partner is away.
    Though out of topic, I guess I need to make a point here. I had moved away from ISC since a couple of months disheartened with the attitude of certain members here. On my coming back, it is quite sad to see the situation still unchanged. I cannot understand the nature of some people who bring up unnecessary things in a thread and spoil it completely. Would it not be wiser to start a new thread and give a link to the existing one?

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    No life without Sun

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    Do not take this thread off track with the same old complaint. There is a very vast difference in your thread and that of Partha's here. It is not even worth comparing.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Latest update: I have lost my partial independence since last Monday afternoon.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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