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    International Women's Day celebration! Ideas!

    We celebrate International Women's Day on 8th March. I have raised this thread to get some ideas so that we can appreciate and celebrate International Women's Day. On this day we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and take a look at where they are and where they should be placed in the social ladder.
    Can we please discuss here some of the ways and surprises as to what we could do on this day specially for women?
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    The International Womens day can be celebrated in a befitting manner by organizing power transfer to women in various fields. Right from the politics to the managing of home, women can be given free hand to manage and I am sure they can manage better than men. A serious women works very sincerely and accurately without any distraction or disturbance . Whereas men has the tendency to avoid, postpone the work or task given, has the tendency to disturb others works and thus progress of his own and other would be put into jeopardy. So organizing meetings of women empowerment should not be the goal, the real transfer of power must take place.
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    I would suggest the following:
    For the spouse/ girl child:
    1. Arrange a surprise party- a night out and may be also a movie. At least one day will be no cooking and no responsibilities day.
    2. Take her out for a one day trip, away for the daily chores.
    3. Gift something special: could be just a small bouquet of flowers/ a pack of clothes/ a lovely book/ or some budget gift voucher.
    For a bigger women audience:
    1. Arrange a get together, and ask them to share their achievements, strengths, thoughts and opinions. Women are rarely asked while OFTEN the male may dominate the decision making process.
    2. It could be : for the servants in the locality/ an NGO/ community/ your native place-/ rural area
    Overall: appreciate them, and make them enjoy a day in a non routine manner.

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    In each and every home, there should be a family get together with good eats. The men should ask their women members of the family as to what is their thinking on that day. Whether they have any problem; Are they satisfied at home; Are they maintaining a very cordial relationship with the family members; Any problem faced by them; Whether they like to have anything special they were missing etc. The women folks should openly speak out without any fear or favour and put up their demand if any, on this lovely women's day.

    Remember, 8th March is also my good old Padmini's Birthday.

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    I sincerely feel that this extremely important day (International Women's Day) does not require any celebration. Instead this is a day for taking resolve for betterment of condition of women in every country, every society. As for example, Indian women (along with men) , can make a resolve on this particular day to eradicate the evil of 'triple talaq' system from India, which has been abolished even by most of the Muslim countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh. If this can be achieved, it would be welcomed by more than 8% (Muslim women) population of the country.
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    The story of women has seen the vissisitudes of life and today after such a long journey they are remarkably at a far better state then earlier. Still there are lot of things required to make there status at par with that of men.

    Safety of women in isolated and alien terrains is still a serious issue and there should be serious thought towards this in society as well as Govt level.

    Another important issue is financial independence. Majority of women are housewives and they are dependent financially on other family members to lesser or bigger extent.

    We can have some group discussion sessions on these issues in our locality and we can post the findings and conclusions to various blog sites for awareness.

    Of course we can also felicitate and honor the women on that specified day to show our feelings for their contribution to family and society.

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    8th March the International Women's Day is approaching. I am well verse the importance of each day . So, I start companion with the help of my friends. The most common problem and dangerous disease like breast cancer, ivory cancer ,Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Unintended pregnancy, calcium and iron problem , Chronic pain, back pain, Anxiety and depression etc. Woman is a single person who care whole family but by nature she is not aware about her health.
    we attentive women about their health, Meditation and Yoga in open space like public park , try to give a social platform. Each women have her own specialty. We utilize it in social welfare.
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    i would suggest few plans
    1. women plays key role in family. appreciate, encourage the positives of the women in your family
    2. helping widowed and old women
    3. providing the knoeledge to women regarding health care, nutrtion
    4. participating actively in women safety in current scenario
    5. educating women regarding self protection

    women should feel confident, strong to gain tha value of womens day celebrations

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