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    Migration is n't good for motherland.

    Migration is n't solution of the problems of motherland.Students and job seekers migrate seeing the problems of state and the country.They work whole heartily for other states and country.They enjoy in criticizing their country and its people.This attitude is n't good.They should learn the soil of country makes them fit to face the challenges.Their first duty is to work for the development of their country.Is n't it true one should should show respect for motherland by taking part in its development?
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    Good observation from the author. The main reason for recent unrest elsewhere in the world is the aspect due to migration and no country can afford to loose good and performing citizens like wise no country would be welcoming migration in large numbers. People think that with their money power they can migrate to any state, country of their choice and lead a changed progressive life, but they forget that they are loosing the importance of mother land which is forgotten during a course of time. What is the use when they return back at the wee end of their life.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Absoutely! Simply we can compare the situation of a parent who with all suffering making their son as a doctor or engineer but the son who got a job in a well manner abandoned them. I read in facebook that 'In those days one person through his earning makes the other house person as engineer and doctor but nowadays two persons (father and mother)joins their child with their hard earning into LKG. Similarly we, our country offers a good education, knowledge and they become waste when their efforts goes to other country.

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    Migration is not good for Mother land. Going out of the country for your betterment after completing your studies here with government money to earn for self is a crime in my opinion. On a student who completes his B.Tech in IITs the government is spending lakhs of rupees. All top students are joining there and getting their eligibility. Immediately after that they want to fly other countries to earn in dollars. They settle there and use their knowledge for improvement of that country. I feel Government should take in writing from all the students when they are joining in IITs that they will work in the country for minimum 5 years, otherwise their admission to be rejected.
    One problem encouraging this brain drain is reservation policy in our country. Government has to take it seriously and try to make some amendments to the system. No reservations and only financial help to deserved por students may be a good initiative to stop this brain drain.

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