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    Is their anything in particular which attracts you to reply a thread on ISC?

    For me the first thing that attracts to reply a thread.
    First thing is its catchy title or unique words( that I never heard of).
    Second thing is if it is a topic of intrest like politics or current issues.
    Third thing is when I am bored i reply to any thread.
    What is your criteria of replying a thread?
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    I always yearn for threads in this section and I would be glad to respond immediately if the thread title attracts me, if the thread is of social relevance, if the thread posted as some mass message, or if the thread seeking some information about ISC. Being having some idea or the other on any topic appearing in this forum, I feel comfortable in responding irrespective of who posted the thread.. And I shall take the privilege to respond to new members when ever they post any query here. By the way I also equally interested to raise threads of varied importance for the members to discuss and deliberate.
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    There are various threads being posted by our members. Some of them are the usual ones while some are interesting and some of them are very amusing as well as thought provoking and they are the one which take my attention immediately.
    Another important thing is our interest. We like those threads which contain material of our interest and knowledge areas where we are comfortable.
    Accordingly I choose the thread for posting my comment.
    This thread appeared to me very interesting so I have promptly posted my views.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I'm all about the content. My replies are often short and straightforward.
    Title is very very important to attract the replies.
    But if I see a whole army of replies before my response I would rather not response the thread..
    Even if I did respond, the value of it won't be the same.
    Then comes the author of the thread. There are few members that I'm fond of because of their wit.
    So I reply them first.
    And I reply all un-replied threads.

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    Well, I look for what interests me. If something does not go well with my knowledge and experience - I would not reply.
    Yes, the title is of much importance to attract you. However, there are several threads that have interesting titles, but lack substance. I normally try having a look at the author of the thread at times.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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