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    What happen to job post once rejected?

    I want to know: what happen to a job post once it rejected? Can member a resubmit it by making desired changes? if no then why? if yes then how?
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    Prasanna there are some minute things to be followed before posting a job information. First of all you have to search whether such job is already posted by other member and pending for approval. If you post the same job, then there are every chance of rejecting it. When your job posting was rejected for one reason or the other, just verity the date of validity of the job offer, If still there is time to respond by the people, then re submit the same with modifications and changes. This time it must be approved as you made necessary changes. Remember the job must be genuine with all details.
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    We appreciate your enthusiasm to make job posts here but we accept job posts made by members as per the guidelines.

    The job post made by you lacked relevant information hence it was rejected.

    We suggest you to go through the posting guidelines understand the instructions given and also go through few approved job posts to get an idea how to make good job posts.

    Yes you can make the same job post afresh with complete information, do not make corrections in rejected job post.

    Hope this suffice your query.

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    Yes, a Member can re-submit details of a specific job (which was earier rejected) after making necessary corrections. However, this must be done before the last date of submitting the applications for that post.
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