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    What's wrong with ISC? Why this?

    Dear ISC,

    I just happened to get into deleted section of this forum to search my bathing way. I am astonished to find many good threads lying there. Why such good threads good for discussion have been sent to deleted section? Is ISC changing? I am sure, if this continues, the fat ISC will become very thin ISC very soon.

    Dear Members,
    Just visit the 'Deleted' section, find the titles, and post your comments.

    What was wrong with the thread on 'Black grapes and Green grapes' of Mohan. Is it unfit for discussion?
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    Of late many threads of mine are also getting deleted without assigning proper reason. Even if one response we get, that would be satisfying. When we are within the rules of the forum guidelines,. then why the threads are being deleted without our notice. I just cannot understand as to what is wrong on my post Black grapes and Green grapes. This is the botany question and the learned members of this site could have answered well if that was in the section ? I want reason for the deletion.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My following threads are in delete section for no reason ? Please explain the reason for deletion ?

    Black grapes and Green grapes. What is good for the common man ?
    Some English rare words which we never use nor know. Read this.
    OTP against every mobile number would prevent miss use of calls by hooligans
    Can there be sub branches from a coconut tree which may also grow as tree again ?
    Skin diseases are connected to keeping clean or due to hereditary ?
    When a doctor gets Master through MBBS, then why he refers patients to specific doctors ?

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dear all,
    Let me check up the reasons and come back to you. Don't jump into further discussion and wait for a moment please.


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    Further more, there is a thread 'I need clarification about my health' which is purely personal, and a lady asking about her health related to her monthly period. Is it fit for discussion here? Why such threads are not deleted or sent to ask expert section to seek the experts on periods of the ladies. What can I talk about a lady's monthly period?
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    #592351 @Mohan,

    The thread on 'Black grapes and white grapes' was shifted to AE section by the Editor as it fits there. Other threads were deleted as there is no much scope for discussion and purely informative with no authenticity. Of late, we are discouraging such threads and you can see the same action being taken in respect of other members also. It is also not feasible to editors to intimate regarding the deletion of the thread, you would also agree because of the time constraints. However, a suggestion to WM would be put forth to facilitate an automatic prompt to the member when a thread was deleted.

    @Sun: your 'bath' thread is well in safe in the 'deleted' portion and there is no meaning in repeatedly raising a thread on deletion and trying to garner support of other members when an issue is already discussed and even the other thread is in live. You may contact the WM and raise your problem, if you are not satisfied with the proceedings here. A deliberate attempt to tarnish the image of some editors is being made here which is quite disheartening.


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    Even I checked the deleted section. Some of the threads that have been deleted from the forum section have been moved to the Ask Experts section. I did not actually find anything wrong with the other threads being deleted.
    The site has some policies to which they need to adhere to. It remains to be the prerogative of the editors and the team concerned. Blaming everything on the team and asking for clarifications for every action may not be in the good for the site and its reputation.
    Let us have an amicable relationship here rather than fighting for everything.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    If you delete the threads without any due justification or reason, members would lose interest, and forum section will go thin without any much threads. I do not wish to waste my time in raising threads which get deleted without any reason. . Same will be the feeling of other sincere ISC members. Editors' hasty and inappropriate thinking and deletion of the thread would be the cause for this.

    What happened to # 592355

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    I fully agree with Mr. Sun in this regard. Nowadays I have seen that percentage of deleted threads has suddenly increased. This is a statistical fact. The Editors, will no doubt, justify deletion of threads on various grounds. But if more and more threads get deleted, then eventually the Forum Section would become colour-less.
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    If the threads are shifted to other section, it must be informed to the concerned author through alert or personal message, otherwise ISC getting bad name through our thinking.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You could have checked the AE section before posting a query here. The health thread posted by a new member was already shifted to AE section. If the Forum editor also looks after AE section would be able to move it immediately to AE section when some forum threads need to be shifted. But it takes some time when such threads are reported by a Forum editor for necessary action by the AE editors.

    I have tried to explain the reasons for deletion in a modest way. Still some of you are not convinced and go on complaining without accepting the reality, I am constrained to state that some of the senior members are posting some copied contents to gain points. They are to be deleted. Some threads are commonly reported news based on some reports that we read in the newspaper and they have become routine by some members. Some threads even don't worth for display in the forum. If we allow such threads, one day you only would wake up and question the Editors' action on them. Where are we landing?

    In the present scenario, it is not possible to intimate the members about the deletion of the thread or about shifting of the thread to other sections. The technical aspects to sort out the problem would be taken care by the Admin shortly. But the onus rests on a member to ensure to post a thread that fits in suitable category whether it could be Forum or AE section.


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    The procedure followed is incorrect. When a thread is shifted to AE section, it should be indicated. It should not be seen in the 'Deleted' section without any remark. There should be a remark saying that the thread has been shifted to AE section.

    Else, ISC should direct the author member to post it in Ask Expert section and leave the onus to the author than taking the blame of deleting a thread.

    No life without Sun

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    There is no such feature available. It is as simple as that. We had requested the Webmasters at little while back, but other things have taken priority. Besides, the post appears as an AE thread under new posts at the member's profile page. So as soon as the member realizes the thread has vanished, he/she could check the profile page first and see it there. Otherwise it is to be understood that it got deleted.

    Note that we had also requested Webmasters to implement an alert feature for posts in other sections too, like it is for articles, to enable members to know if approved, pending or deleted.

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