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    Is voting mandatory in India?

    Is voting mandatory in India?
    Will political parties know if i have visited polling station or not?
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    Pappu Das, voting is your constitutional right. Exercise your franchise diligently so that you know what you want to be. I am not clear as to why you have this doubt if you are basically a citizen of India and an Indian at heart!
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    The voting in India remains to be of secret ballot system. As such no political party will come to know whether you have exercised your franchise or not. However, it being a constitutional right conferred on you, I would advise you to vote. It should not matter in any way whether someone comes to know about it.
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    yeah, vote is mandatory. In india, many people don't vote and argue that politician do not work but if you give vote than you have a rights to argue that why politician not work. so give vote because if any good politician come and with the help of them our nation is grow.

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    Voting is your responsibility and constitutional right. You have to cast your vote to get a strong ruling party. Every single vote counts a lot.

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    Voting is not mandatory in India. But to chose a proper Government at every level, citizens must exercise their rights to vote. Answering the second part, I must state that if a person votes, then his/her fingers will be marked to ink. Then everyone (including the workers of the political parties) will know whether you have votes or not.

    However, I would advise you not to refrain from voting. If you are not satisfied with any of the candidates, you may exercise NOTA option.

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    Though out of context, the topic of NOTA made me respond again. NOTA should be made more stronger. As things stand now, even when the NOTA votes stand at the maximum a particular constituency, it will not make the candidates lose the elections. The highest votes in favour of a candidate will be considered and he/she will be declared a winner.
    If NOTA is made more powerful and if the NOTA votes happen to be deciders in the results, I do not think most of us will refrain voting. We have a choice of making the contestants realise their folly and contest the elections again.

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    Voting is our right. Whether you use it or not is your prerogative. Many citizens refrain from voting. When we discuss with them they say no contesting candidateis good. This is true in many cases. Many educated people in cities and towns will not go for voting. Manyofthemdon't know where is their booth. Even after knowing also they may have to travel long distances. Hence any of them will not go for. Voting. NOTA option is there but as mentioned earlier they will not count NOTA votes.
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    Voting is a right to indian citizen rather than mandatory. India is a secular country and we have as indians some basicrights and among them voting is our right. In our country any body can come to throne but only on selection in election. This election process in our country is not a new one but since the ruling of Kingdom it was followed in the name as KudavOlai system. It is unjust if we are not using our right to vote on any circumstance.
    we cannot blame anybody for malpractice in the voting system as the same is possible only when the real persons are not voting.

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    By virtue of Constitutional rights to every citizen, we the people of India are duty bound to cast our votes to either supporting a party or a Individual who is known to you in the list of contesting candidates. By casting the vote, your details wont be known to the politicians of that area. They know that you came to the booth but whom you have voted is the big question mark for them. So never ever be under the impression that our votes will be known to the contesting candidates and they may punish us accordingly. Voting is the right through which we can get the work done for our area.
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