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    Does satisfaction mar your growth ?

    Sometimes some people get satisfied even after a small achievement and stop thinking further. They may be the happiest persons but this sometimes puts a brake on their career or growth.
    They become passive for some time and again start doing things when new ambitions are arising in their mind.

    These people are very slow and are in a state of satisfaction most of the times.

    What are the valuable views of members on this ?
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    Progress should be the hall mark of our achievement and basking in the glory of success is expected and that is always possible. But that should not be the end game. Little progress are the indicators that we are on the right path. And one should not get over confidence or under estimate others with our progress. From that little progress we should learn the intricacies of life and that would give further boost to varied achievements and success in the future. So what I mean that one should not keep quiet after small success and we must explore the possibility of diversifying and achieving.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Satisfaction is what you get out of your work. Sometimes this may make a person complacent.He will ride on his success and stop progressing. Aspiration also should be there with satisfaction. What ever we achieved is good. We can still achieve further. This is aspiration.

    One should not become complacent with his success. Success should be used as a motivation for achieving further heights.

    always confident

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