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    At a period of time, there was a group of monkeys. Those monkeys were having a competition of climbing a perilous hill. The participants were allowed to climb one after the another. The first monkey started to climb and at a certain point, it descended down. Other monkeys, after its arrival, asked the 1st climbed monkey about the experience and monkey told it was pretty tough climbing the mountain. The second monkey started to climb, it rumbled down. The same with all the other monkeys. When the last monkey started to climb, many were warning it not to go. This last monkey, started to ascend, gradually it reached the top and won the competition.!

    Know why the last monkey won the competition? "It was DEAF". Yes, when all the monkeys were hitting their heads not to go, it felt like encouraging him to climb up as it couldn't hear anything.

    From this story, the message is, one has their own talent or characteristics in them until the surroundings try to put them down!

    In the same way, a teen or any kid wouldn't know about trafficking, por*, all bluff and stupid things unless they are available on the internet which is the 'mightiest weapon' in our hands. One will not know of these until the surrounding makes them know to him.
    The government must plan to remove all the 'A' rated(underrated spoiler) videos on the net and shouldn't allow this kind of movies too.
    This saves the innocence in one and everything comes to know when there is need of them to know!
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    Nice effort on the part of author using the Tow topic to cleanse the Internet from all the bad videos that may spoil the young minds. Good thought and surely this entry as the chance to win as it is unique.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you Mohan sir! Always glad that you give a super fast and valuable reply!

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