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    Gems has no value when you have Spiritual Gems

    We as a human do have our sixth sense to differentiate the good and bad. Through that we should segregate the good and bad and should do the good only by removing ourselves from the bad ones. In those days the spiritual followers run their life in that way only and because of this character only we think about them or read about them even today.

    Once in a kingdom a spiritual man was living with his wife by doing all spiritual efforts to the society and offering good services and food to the needy people. By seeing his proud and name, the king was discussing with his Minister as he would change himself if he finds some money. The Minister replied the king that spiritual people never change themselves for the sake of money. On the suggestion of the king they offered the man with some worthy gems along with the rice. They did like this everyday and on the completion of fifth day the King asked the man as he finds no difference in him,whether the offered rice is sufficient or what. The man replied,'I donot know, I just handed over every collection to my wife and she only feed everybody'. Again the king asked him whether any gems he find along with the rice. The man again told " I donot know that also as I just give all my collections to my wife, I have to ask her only'. The king and the Minister accompanied with him to his house and the king asked the lady whether she found any stones or gems in the rice collected by her husband. The lady replied,"I have not noticed anything I just took the rice for preparing food for others and I just kept all stones found in the rice to the dust bin (he showed)'. The King and Minister saw the dustbin filled with stones (found in the rice) and gems (offered by the King). The minister told the king, "Maharaj, both stones and gems are equal to the Spiritual people, they never change themselves on any occasion'. The king agreed and honored the couple.
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    Wow what a inspirational story from the author and this once again proves that the people who believe in God and their work as worship , never bother about luxury of life and simplicity would be the mark of life. Though the King has tested the spiritual man here the wife of the guru also highlighted with the same quality.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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