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    The Ultimate Mission

    We all have a primary mission in life, a mission that quite often gets overladen by temporary ones. Right from the beginning, we give our best to succeed in these, be it writing the first alphabet or getting the dream job. Once a mission is completed we immediately set off for the next, but rarely do spend a moment to ponder over the most essential and most valuable mission of all i.e. 'Being a Good Soul'.
    We grow up with a bag full of desires, which one after another take the place of the prime goal for the time being but maybe, its those negligent acts of kindness which are the true steps towards the completion of the actual goal. It can be very rightly said that there is no particular set parameter to ensure that this goal has actually been achieved but each time we take a step forward the happiness inside is more than the pleasure of success any other goal on earth.
    I hereby take this opportunity to request one and all to unearth that hidden mission and take a step ahead each day until and unless the world becomes a better place to be in.
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    An excellent thought-provoking thread from the author. Indeed the main purpose of every human being is to be a good soul. But the problem arises because most of us forget this main mission and instead make material success as our mission. We must remember that material success is extremely short-lived. On the other hand, a good soul is remembered by all.
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    The ultimate mission a very deep thought and have the essence of everyone's life. We lead our life with the burden of what we don't have but fail to appreciate what we have. We should appreciate what we have and work happily for what we don't have but the process should have happiness. The experience you will gain is countless. Share your experience with the world. You will definitely gate satisfaction. The author has rightly said to work for the ultimate mission. This mission changes with the individual's aspiration but what is true is we all are on the ultimate mission of happiness just the road are different.
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    Good thread coming out of authors heart. There is always a ultimate mission hidden in every one soul but some would take it out and put the action in practice and some would wait for the right opportunity. Some have the inclination to keep others happy at the cost of their own forgiveness. One thing what I observed in my life that those who are having a mission in their heart and soul wont reveal the same to others but silently work towards their goal. How far they have achieved their target all depends on their approach and attachment towards others. And this process goes on till the goal achieved.
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