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    Do you think Indian batsman are failing against quality bowling and high standards of playing?

    Recently India has shown great caliber by winning both Test matches and one day matches against many countries where matches were held on Indian soil. But once Australia enters in playing in India, all the weaknesses of Indian batting and bowling are well exposed. Indian batsmen are usually good at spin are unable to bat while Aussies batsmen are weak in this area are dominating on our Indian spinners. Indian think tank is analyzing poor preparation of pitch is the reason for our failure in Pune Test match? But on first day of the second Test also the poor performance of Indian batting is continuing. From this we can assume that the quality and standards of Australian Cricket is much higher than other Cricket playing countries. What is your say folks?
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    Yes, because Australia is not a team who will hand over their matches like that to any team, because they are fighter and world number one team and whereas about India he is facing world number one talented players and it seems now that they will fail to overcome their failure after their first match defeat.
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    To me it is really astonishing that Indian batsmen are facing problem against medicore spin-bowlers of Australia. I never anticipated this. Indian batsmen are facing medium-fast bowlers with confidence, but losing wickets rapidly against unknown spinners. Sanjay Banger (India's batting coach) must be trying to find out the answer.
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    It is a very disappointing performance by the team India. The team India is very well known to promote the new talent of the opponent team. I find it always whenever Indian team is going to face the new player it will be hard to the whole team to find the way. Today the same game shown by the team. This performance is exactly as the first test match. It will be difficult to team India to come back. Hope for the best.
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    We the fans get carried away by the Team India performance with less caliber opponents and register their win with ease and elan and that over confidence put the boys to play casually against the formidable and more professional team like Australia. Normally if we gain in any game we take the opposite team for granted as weak. But never ever had the tendency to verify how they have progressed to reach for fighting with us. Australia is the most professional team in the world and their fielding and bowling cannot be taken for granted by our formidable batsmen and hence they failed. Some mind game for future please.
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    I don't agree. When team India has registered continuous wins in a row, we all were hailing them. Now their failure against Aussies has become a talk of the day and we started analysing their capabilities in a different way. It's all part of the game. Though their performance against Australia is quite disappointing, we should not undermine the mighty Aussies who ruled over the Cricket world till yesterday. Hope team India would come out of their shortcomings and would be back in the game in the next tournaments.

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