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    ISC's Forum need not have any editors.

    Dear ISC and Members,

    What I feel is - ISC need not have Forum editors. ISC's other sections viz, Article, AE, Job which are the key earning sections for ISC should have ample editors. Forum is just a chat section which doesn't make any good revenue for ISC. Why ISC should employ editors to a section which doesn't earn for the site. It will be better to shift the forum editors to some other section. Forum can be left free and can be easily managed by Managing Editor alone. And the senior members of ISC will manage the show. What do you say?
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    I wont agree with the thinking line of the author that forum without editor. Even after having scores of editor at the helm of affairs we are facing the worst face off between the members, between the editors and members and if the authors word as to be taken granted, then this forum will turn out to be another assembly or Parliament where in members would be free for all even to break the rules and regulations at their will. We are bound to work under the conditions and that is applicable in all walks of life. Yes we do have the right to have some liberal rights in the forum for that any member can discuss and put forth their demands here so that ISC administration may deliberate and give its opinion. But I am totally against view of the author that there should not be editors for this forum which is also having good earning potential for the site.
    K Mohan
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    Mr Sun, as the privileged author of this thread, no questions; but would like to remind you that the forum is not a chat section and I and we have told this time and again. I request Tony sir to respond here; if forum is not worthy as suggested by Sun, I may be permitted to quit.
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    When my comment would have no impact on decision-making, then why should I comment? Having said this, I must say that I don't agree with Mr. Sun in this regard. Without the Editors, who will manage inisciplined Member like Partha Kansabanik and appreciate and encourage disciplined and experienced Members like Mr. Sun?
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    I have come to see this attack on forum editors by the author over and again. A forum without moderation is not something that would be feasible and practical. I do not think forum is just a chat section. Also you are wrong when you make that comment that the section does not earn for the site. If that was the case, the forum would have ceased to exist long back. I would advise the author to check out several forums on different topics of interest spread all over the internet. All of them adopt moderation. A more stronger one than what is followed here at ISC. If it is the chat that the author wants, he may better quit and join some chat rooms available over the internet.
    Sorry if I am sounding too aggressive. But, the tone of the thread got me as the author has been directing his ire towards editors unnecessarily in other threads as well. Strange as it may look, but a majority of the threads by the author are his megalomaniac talk about himself, or fights with other members/editors.
    Will we ever be able to find an amicable behaviour?

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I am very angry. This is the most deplorable suggestion ever put forth by an ISCian. It is really odious of you, Sun, to post such a thread. Your statement, "Forum can be left free and can be easily managed by Managing Editor alone" and the entire tone of your text is showing disrespect towards the stellar role of forum editors, showing them in a dishonourable light. Shame on you! Without the forum editors, the forum will die, believe me. All kinds of gibberish and nonsense, other than spams, would sprout like an unruly plant. I am telling you very bluntly - your posts, especially, need the very strong hand of a forum editor to rein them in. Your double entendres, your poking at members in the name of fun, etc are really getting out of hand.

    And whatever gave you the impression that the forum section does not earn for the site? You may not be earning, others are. I myself am regularly getting between a few cents and even $1 or $2 every month from the forum.

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    ISC forum is meant to be a place which doesn't require any moderation. However, there are often unwanted debates and discussions that go beyond control often and so editors cannot be avoided.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Dear WM Tony John, Managing Editor,
    I know that ISC forum section doesn't need any moderation but can be maintained well, provided the editors don't play any dirty politics. I have seen an excellent forum with disciplined members. The forum gets dirty with the interference of editors who at times behave like ISC's super bosses ignoring their WM and ME. These days, there is no fight between the members, but the fight is between the members and the editors who go wrong and get the support of other editors and Managing editor. Never there was an incidence where an editor was checked but supported blindly. So why we need forum editors, why not the Managing Editor manage the forum?

    Earlier, I had a guy at ISC who always used to poke me and drag me into ugly situations. That has been stopped now due to ME's counselling/intervention. Now, I do not see any member to member quarrel at ISC. It is only between the editor and the member. Hence I suggested this.

    I have the right to propose or suggest. ISC has the right to accept or reject. Who loses what? Was it necessary to use such impolite words by ME in her response # 592456?

    Too many cooks spoil the dish. Same way, too many editors spoil ISC forum. Let us have one single editor, preferably the Managing editor to care the forum.

    I remember, in the past, one of the great ISC editor who is not an editor now, has commented that ISC forum is a chat section of ISC. He was 100 percent right in saying so.

    No life without Sun

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    You suggested. It was rejected. You had your final say. End of discussion.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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