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    Why are some irregular rules in English?

    I want to ask in this thread why are some irregular rules in English?
    Why is were used with I?
    We write- I wish I were a writer.
    Grammarian who gave us this rule ,what was their motto behind it?
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    Were is used as a past tense substitute of are. It would have been correct to use it after second person and third person pronouns like you and they, but it's definitely kind of odd to use it after a 1st person pronoun.
    According to me, when you are talking about past ,you are referring to yourself as a second person. Because you are describing your past entity. Hence 'were' must be apt for it.

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    You have raised an interesting query! You have also unwittingly provided me with a topic for my next article.

    'Were' can be a subjunctive mood verb, It is used as a subjunctive mood verb in the sentence provided by you. To understand it better you first need to understand what a subjunctive mood verb is. Subjunctive mood verbs are used when hypothetical declarations are made; for example, I wish I were selected to represent the country. It is a wish; it is not something that has happened. The verb 'were' is used along with the first person 'I' when we talk or write about situations that are untrue.

    Similarly, your example states, I wish I were a writer. It illustrates that the person is not a writer, but wishes that they were one.

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