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    Frankly speaking, I am very jealous of these students

    I completed my university education (M.Sc.) when I was 21 years 8 months. I joined my first Govt. job when I was 21 years 10 months. Needless to state that I had to appear in the competitive examination before reaching 21 years. As a mediocre student without any tuition, I had to study more than 12 hours before B.Sc. and M.Sc. examinations. Although I was politically very conscious, I did not join any student union fearing wastage of time. I used to go to college and university in simple dress, and on rare occasions when I had to go to the stage to receive any medal or certificate, I felt extremely nervous. My friends were more or less like me.

    My parent's generation spent a much more tough life. My father, a victim of partition, came to Calcutta alone at an age of 16 years after passing Matriculation examination in 1948. His struggle started since then. He again resumed his education only in 1958 after getting the Govt. job and ultimately obtained two PG degrees. My mother's life was also similar.

    So, I am very jealous of these students. They are above 35, but they are still in the pursuit of knowledge. They are very brilliant. All of them have got Government scholarship. They are very courageous. They openly shout to break the country to pieces. They are very smart. They dress in smart kurta/kurti and speak in smart English showing the accusing finger to un-smart retired military officers or the sportspersons. They (or their parents) are so affluent that they travel to various parts of the country as well as foreign country in business class flight. They are so privileged that they stay in students' hostel for ages and take subsidized food. More astonishingly, they don't have to follow the examination system and they don't have to study! And some of them (should I indicate those illustrious names?) are absolute lady-killers!

    Although my parents have taught me not to be jealous of anybody, even then, I am very jealous of these illustrious students. They are really great!
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    This is not jealousy; this is more of frustration at a situation that unfolds in front of us, perhaps every day. You possibly find yourself helpless at not being able to do anything about the whole state of affairs. You perhaps feel cheated because you were not privileged enough to gain anything from the system.

    It is a pity that we have reservations today, based on the age-old caste system. It is a pity that there was a need for such reservations in the first place. It is a pity that we have a caste system at all. It is a pity that the conditions of the real underprivileged have not improved even after so many years of Independence. The caste system is creating more of a divide and as long as it remains our problems will continue. Reservations of any kind must be merit and means based, irrespective of caste and religion. Let only the deserving benefit.

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    Mr Kansabanik, you have very nicely depicted the students from affluent class, their life style and privileges. They are borne with silver spoon in their mouth. I am also surprised why we are suffering when in my utmost humbleness and remembrances, we have not sinned so far. So call it jealousy or frustration it ought to be there.
    I also remember my school days when we were looking to our affluent classmates with envy and curiosity. I liked books but could not afford and only getting them from a Govt library. These boys were bringing hard covered children's classics and allowing us to peep inside for a short duration. No doubt they were privileged but what was our fault ?
    Anyway I think here comes the luck factor which many people advocate. They are lucky, we are not.

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    There is no comparison of students of those years with that of present era. In those days when we are students, we used to fear for the parents and the teachers. Now the parents has to fear for the children and the teacher has to fear for the students. When the parents used to advise, we used to listen to them without uttering any protest or dismay, but now parents has to bow to the diktats of the children. When the teachers gave less marks, we were taken it has granted but never protested. Now the children protest for even one mark less and fight for the same. All these are real time change taken place in recent past.
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    Members! Please read the third Para of my thread. I am not talking about students of affluent class, I am talking about those illustrious students who are courageous enough to try to break the country in pieces. I am talking about those students who are above 35 and who shout at the senior military officers comfortably sitting in the airconditioned television studios.
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