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    What's your thoughts about Jio 4G services?

    Reliance Jio 4G has given a chance for the customers to enjoy its 4G services free as a promotional offer for 6 months. So by March 31st this offer will be over. If the customer wants to continue its services one has to register by paying Rs.99 as a subscription fee for one year. Various top up plans were given like Rs.149 to get 2 GB data per 28 days and unlimited phone calls per month. The other offered plan is Rs.303 to get 28 GB data per month and unlimited phone calls. Like wise many plans were in offering. In my observation by using free offered service in the last six months Jio 4G data net work is ok but phone calls are dropping quite often. Many customers might have experienced the same situation. So the customers are in dilemma whether to continue the services or say no to the services. Personally I want to register the services for Rs.99 and want to continue with Rs.149 top up services per month so that we can use 4G internet facility and as when and then possible phone call facility unlimited. I request members who used this Jio 4G services share your thoughts so that others can come out of their dilemma whether to opt or not to opt for the services.
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    I am not hurrying up to join the Jio rush. Though I am the Reliance GSM customer since long time, I have not chosen the Jio 4 G as I want to wait and watch. With the advent of Reliance Jio, other players are also bracing up to compete and give good service. What I feel that Reliance is having the network problems and sometimes my phone goes with no service warning for long time. That means Reliance must brace up to strengthen the network signal otherwise the 10 crore odd customers would switch back to their original operators and Reliance would bite the dust and this is going to happen.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have not used Jio 4G till now. I am going to wait till the day comes when 2g and 3G is out and no more valid. By then 5 g, 6g or even 7g would be introduced the same way like 4g now. If before that my handset fails and I am to buy a new handset, then I may go for 4g if 4g handset is then cheaper and open for all providers.

    A few of my relatives have Jio 4G and they simply enjoy with the offer. It is money worth for them by now and they can simply throw away the Jio sim if they want. One of my relative was compelled to buy Jio Fi(the wiFi) a few days ago,as Jio was the only one having good signal and speed in his area . He will not be able to recover the price of the device by using the offer as time is limited, and is now forced to continue with Jio plans for that sake

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    In relation to my above response and this thread subject, I would also like to add :

    As of now there is none to beat Jio. They have caused tremors of change in the sector, like in earlier occasions also.

    Now it is the problem of plenty. The customer is now the most confused one. It has become very difficult to choose a suitable plan. Each plan by each provider is made in such a way it has one benefit feature but entwined with some other unbeneficial features.

    The present Tariff and plan war is not due to any love towards the user. It is only to show who is one upon another. After the initial competition and hide and seek games, once they reconcile to some status and rank, they will all join to form syndicate and the customer will be looted royally. At that time all the amount spent by them already on the 'offers' will be recovered from the helpless customers who had to succumb to market games played by the service providers.
    This is what we see in all sectors in our country. Though 'market play' was made to appear as beneficial to customers. It is well proved that it all ended in syndicates and crony capitalism, wherein only the corporate got benefits everyday and we have to pay by our nose for the quality and quantity decided by the providers.

    Situation is tempting. But once we get into something, there is always another one which may make us feel regret that that we could have waited.
    have waited.

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