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(This thread is the Special Prize winner of the TOW for the week 5th Mar -11th Mar’17)
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    Do you believe what Birbal said to Akbar?

    Have you been downcast by people? Do you feel that people hurl accusations or make mean comments about you? How do you deal with that? Find out the ways of dealing with that here.

    There is an old story saying, Akbar once called Birbal and showed a line drawn on the floor. Then he asked him to make that line short without erasing it or cutting it. Birbal drew a longer line above that line. Akbar was both surprised and prod to see that.
    If we compare this situation with our real life, then we can apply this trick to people who are trying to downcast us. We can improve ourselves each day and show them who is the winner in real life, rather than arguing and hurling accusations at others. What do we gain from insulting people and making mean comments about them. Why can't we be the bigger persons or the longer straight lines in life? So, we can be the longer lines and make the other such lines feel much shorter than us.
    But do we ever try this in real life? Let's find out. What do you say my fellow members.
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    In Tami, there is a film titled "Iru Kodugal"(Two lines) directed by K Balachander and acted by Gemini Ganeshan, Soukar Janaki and Jayanthi. The film talks about the same subject in our life. Members can watch this film if they have time.
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    Wow what a nice subject initiated by the author which purely concerned with the people down casting others for no reason and then repenting for their over actions. By the way no one has the right nor the reason to downcast others just to take the jibe or vent their ire. We can always impress the others by ignoring their wrong things done to us and that would be the great insult and big slap to them. By down playing their attitude against us, we are giving them one more chance to change their stance and that is enough for the learned person to repent and change for better.
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    Nowadays society has become so pervertly complex that even if we draw bigger line, very few would admit the line bigger.
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    That's really a good example. Yes, there is no use of arguing with people who try to downcast us. Instead, we just take it as a challege and work in becoming better in life so that the same people who tried to downcast us will put their fingers on their lips.

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    There is a saying in Telugu which means that when you walk on the road many dogs bark. So if you stop at every time a dog barks and try to hit it with a stone, you will loose lot of time and you get delayed in reaching your destination. Sometimes you may not reach the destination also.

    When you are working and getting results some may be definitely jealous and tries to bring you down. So they start commenting on you. Ignore or take anything that will be helpful for your betterment and proceed. You will reach new heights.

    Dronacharya after the completion of his course to pandavas and Kauravas wanted to conduct a test. He called one after another, showed them a bird on the tree. He wanted them to shoot with a bow and arrow in the eye of the bird. Once one is ready Drona started asking what are visible to him. All of them except Arjuna told that they are seeing tree,leaves. branches.bird etc.,. Then he stopped him and gave the chance to another. Finally the chance of Arjuna came. The answer he gave is that he is able to see only the eye of the bird. Drona gave go ahead and Arjuna exactly shooted in the eye of the bird.

    The moral of the story is who concentrates on his work without seeing or thinking about other things only can succeed in life.

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    It is true that dogs bark and that is their habit. If you waste time on them, you will loose your focus. Like Mr. Mohan said, ignore them and make yourself better person. These people will automatically fall short.
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    I think a lot of time it is not possible. Because if someone is massively successful than you. Then you can't just create overnight success. You have to work hard and see how much you can be better than your earlier issues in past. For example, not all the situation in life can be fixed. You can't be rich like some of your friends. But you can stop being poor. That's what is possible. We can only improve our yesterday but we can't get overnight success than our all enemies.

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