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    What are the positive and negative outlooks of our present PM Mr.Modi according to you?

    Mr. Narendra Modi one of the non-Congress party leader has able to lead the country with the full majority of its own party without bothering about the numbers of its alliance parties. Mr. Modi created a wave in the country which pulled large number of people to vote in favor of his party. Initially in the first year many people including our ISC members thought it is no more than another Congress party rule because there is price hike of all commodities and there is no attempt of the government to control it. After announcing demonetization program people through out India have got some hope and started attracted to Mr.Modi. The same we are observing even from our ISC members through ISC forum. Every individual who ever may have some positives and negatives in them. I request members to post by keeping your inner conscience what are the positives and negatives you are observing in Mr. Modi.
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    To be frank I was having many doubts on our PM Narender Modi when he took at the post when the country was reeling under too much corruption. Having no past experience, and having been served as the CM of Gujarat, I really underestimated his capability and forthrightness to lead this country. Now he has proved to best PM so far for the simple reason that he with the people for every action he takes and having social contacts over the internet, he is the most reachable PM of the world today. Such is the situation now you can directly vent your wows to him just at @narendermodi on twitter and it reaches to him in seconds for actions to be taken. Surely this kind of closeness rapport was never maintained by other PM and that singles out him the best and the youth are firmly behind his success.
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    If I were the Prime Minister of India,I would bring change in the voting system.Voters would have cast vote from their own mobile phones ,desk tops and lap tops.No campaigns would be allowed to influence the voters .But party would have to make their stands clear through radios ,newspapers and televisions through out the year.It would not be need to gather and listen speeches.Voters would be trained ,so that they would no need to cast their votes on the basis of castes and creeds.
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