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    Self introduction of targets achieved

    On fourth February I set a few targets for myself, vide this post and am proud to announce that I achieved all of them. A big pat on my back!
    1. I aimed at featuring as one the Super Stars in at least one section. However, I managed to do better. I made it to the Super Star list in the Forum, Resources and Resource Responses.
    2. Aimed at being among the Top 20 Contributors, accomplished it and secured the third position.
    3. Target numbers three and four were also achieved.
    Did any of the other members achieve targets they had set themselves?
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    Sticking to the oath is the great attitude and appreciation to the author for setting the targets and achieving the same with elan and one has to learn the art of reaching targets from her. Not every one would be familiar nor have the planning to achieve the targets within a stipulated time and the answer has proven to ISC members that she means business and and nothing more than that. Other members can also join the band wagon of setting and achieving targets so that a competitive fighting spirit would emerge among the members and that would surely reflect on their performances.
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    It is always a great feeling when you achieved some target it not only boost our own energy but gives us a reason to push ahead.

    All the best and good luck to you.

    It is always interesting to remember our achievements. As far as me is concern, after joining almost a year, I was no where in the scene comparing the contribution with other members. One some day, I decided and gave one full month to contribute aggressively in ISC. The hard work paid and withing 15 days, I was Forum Superstar next to Mr. Mohan ( hat's off to him the way he manage to contribute regularly).

    Soon I was under 20 contributors, every day I use to watch top contributors points and every day I try to past one member. Soon I reached to 3rd or 4th (I exactly don't remember) top contributors again Next to Mr. Mohan.

    The very next month I was awarded with Best contributor of Forum section and the Member of the Month.

    I just did not to prove anyone but myself and I was very happy to do that and prove myself that I am good enough to contribute along with so many knowledgeable members.

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    I have had a very simple target. I wanted to remain among the first 20 Members (ranking) of ISC. So far I have been successful in this regard. Since yesterday, I have been very dejected. So, I have set a new target. My new target is scoring 10 points or so everyday. No longer do I find justification or interest to spend hours in this platform.
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    Congratulations Juana on achieving your targets. Well done!
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    Congrats Juana. A great member has achieved the great, and is a very great member now. It is the hard work and dedicated efforts put in at ISC that helped you to achieve your targets set. I don't boost my achievements, but I had set a target to become gold, diamond and platinum, and I have achieved it in time. Also, I achieved many things at ISC for which I did not set any target. They came on their own.
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    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you, Vandana and Sun.
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    There's a slight error in my post. I made it to the Super Star list only in the Forum and the Resources section. The Resource Responses section does not have an official Super Star feature, as brought to my notice by Vandana. So, though technically I may not be a Super Star in this section, I remain as one of its top contributors, outmatched only by Partha.
    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    #592775: It's a great recognition from one of the three greatest Members of ISC.
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    It is really a thing of great pleasure when a person achieves the target set by him. In your case you have made it and we all are also happy and congratulate you on your success.
    In case of many persons the things are accessed and achieved without fixing any targets and they are not able to judge their real potential and happy with whatever they have got. It is only after fixing targets that you become serious for those tasks as you yourself have challenged for achieving them.
    I am also inspired now and may be I also think to do a thing like that and if achieved will be sharing with all.
    I have joined ISC about 3 months back and I was always fascinated to see the member names in super category and just imagined that may be one day my name may figure there. After one month when I was much involved in posting answers to various questions, one day I found my name in super answers category and slowly it climbed to number one ( though presently it is at 4) and I was thrilled to see it and enjoyed wholeheartedly.
    Same thing happened yesterday when I suddenly found my name figuring at 4 under super forum category. I was again very joyful and today after reading Juana's post could not resist myself to share.
    You are really happy and contented when you share your achievements with your friends and in case of ISC, members are the friends.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Congratulations Juana,
    for achieving your goals. As I am a new member of this site, I feel encouraged by the performance of the senior members of this site like you. Wish you more success for your future days ahead.

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    Congrats Juana for achieving the targets you set for yourself!

    I too achieved the following targets at ISC long back, which I had set for myself:-
    1. To be a platinum level member: - achieved the level in 18-19 months
    2. To see my name in the list of top-ten earners of ISC :- saw my name there in around 22 months.

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