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    Never buy a product which is given more publicity as it would stop selling sooner or later.

    Many foreign brands right from the cars to the cell phones are targeting Indian market with their varied marketing skills and huge publicity stunt. Foreign brands produce in large quantity and expect International acceptance of their products. But some developing countries have far superior product at the helm and thus those brands queues up to India and here it is dumped with series of ads on print and electronic media. We people carried away with such whole some ads coming in every channel and thus buy the same. Soon such products would vanish from the market their after sales service would be a problem for us in future.
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    exactly Mohan sir,there are many products in our society without even single advertisement but with a good quality and availability. We should see the utilization and acceptance to our health while using a product. Though the advertisement is necessary for a product movement and marketing, wide publicity about a product is somewhat secondary. Now we can see a same product sold 20 years back is said to be poor by the same manufacturer. In olden days some product manufacturers commented the users of ashes with salt as tooth powder but now the same manufacturers introducing their products with salt and ashes. In olden days many of us used to buy products from shops in cloth bags (many vendors provided their goods in cloth bags with their advertisement), we bought food items in vessels. But now the usage of plastic bags introduced by those only acting against the same.These are all just stunt.

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