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    Mere Knowing is not enough, we must Apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

    Many people amidst us behave as if they have more knowledge and details of every thing they discuss and deliberate. But merely knowing things is not enough. One must apply the the thoughts or the knowledge before preaching or recommending to others. Like wise willing is not enough, we must do the work forthwith. That means some people have the habit of expressing their willingness to undertake a work but they wait for others to initialize and then they join the band wagon. The members can infer on this matter and give their feedback.
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    Yes I have seen so many people around me who think they know everything and act as if they are correct all the time. I have seen people who preach others on how to be and how to behave but fail to apply on themselves. For such people what they do is right and what others do is wrong and they develop that attitude firmly which cannot be changed in them.
    When we want to start some work out of our interest, we should never wait for someone to initiate it. We should also not expect someone to accompany is in that work. If anyone can do that work them we can start it ourselves and not wait for others. Also if people initiate the work that we want to do then there are chances that they act like they have done a favor to us.

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    Teaching and preaching is one thing and transforming them in action is another. If we preach others for cleanliness but do not keep our surroundings clean then our preaching are hollow and no one is going to take them. Action is the utmost thing and that is required in real life situations.
    Why people are impressed with Baba Ramdev because he has presented his yoga skills in action. The whole world has witnessed his achievements and his products are selling like hot cake. So action speaks more than talks.

    Knowledge is power.

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