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    Good news! Kejriwal is going to make Delhi another London in a year

    Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, has announced that he will make Delhi another London in a year. Really good news! Although Mr. Kejriwal has been absent from this city most of the time during last six months because he was busy in election campaigning in Punjab and Goa, he still thinks about Delhi. After Ms. Mamata Banerjee, who promised to make Kolkata another London five years ago, now it's the turn of Mr. Kejriwal.

    So Delhi-ites! You must be prepared for more pollution, more traffic conjestion, unimaginable parking fee and very high water cost. Like London, Delhi would become the city of ultra-rich.

    Let us wait eagerly for those days!
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    I sense a hint of sarcasm in your post. Did the Chief Minister of Delhi really mean it in the context that you understand? He might have other aspects of London in mind. Besides, one man cannot change the fate of Delhi or any other city. It is the people who make the change. The people of Delhi must be willing to cooperate with the man they selected as their Chief Minister. Without their unfailing support, his dreams will turn into a pipe dream.

    Pollution – he tried to reduce it through the odd and even stratagem. Should not Delhites strive to make Delhi cleaner? Should they not stop polluting? How many use public transport in a bid to save the environment? People who bring their vehicles on the road are responsible for polluting the city. Why should they not be made to pay higher parking charges?

    Is it not the responsibility of neighbouring states to ensure their farmers don't set fires that pollute Delhi?

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    No one can stop someone promising to do something good for their own people. Kejriwal thought of improving Delhi like London which many Delhites not seen or heard about London except very few. After a year, Kejriwal might say 'Present Delhi is like the London city." People will praise him. As long as we have the idiotic public, politicians can make them believe anything. So, Delhi will be London, and London will be Delhi in the year 2018 on this same day and same month.
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    Kejriwal may be having all big plans to make Delhi on par with London. But that is not possible unless and until he has the good and cozy relation with the Center. Delhi is indirectly controlled by the Center and for every major decision the GOI permission is necessary for implementation and funding. The way he is criticizing Modi government for every small failure of him, he cannot cope up without the the cooperation of PM in future. In such situation the citizens cannot believe his programs and thoughts for the future and I feel he is unfit for Delhi as of now. May be good elsewhere.
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    Delhi is a peculiar state in the sense that certain things come in the purview of Chief Minister while others equally important are decided by centre. Under that scenario, as Mohan has also pointed out, it is a difficult proposition for Chief Minister to function smoothly and produce desired deliverables.
    Sometimes the politicians promise big things but only the coming times tell their effectiveness so generally speaking we should not take their talks on face value. The sarcasm in Kansabanik's post is well justified and he has nicely brought out the issue.
    There is so much scope of improvement in the present conditions of our cities that such statement - converting to London - do not hold much weight as on the first hand we have to manage the basic amenities in a viable fashion.

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    The thing about delhi is that it is rapidly growing. And instead of people putting in resources to make it more crowded. The more resources needs to go to urban areas. And that way crowd and the saturation of resources problem will be solved. But that is not happening. Each politician kejriwal or someone else is not focusing on that. Kejriwal if moved the delhi resources to other urban regions. And that way the job creation, resource diversification can be done. But that's not something they are looking forward to. They are doing politics over things in their hand. And kejriwal's schemes so far are naive at best. You can't implement odd or even system to the capital of this country where few minutes of work delay affects a lot of things in the process.

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    I would have agreed that it would be a reality if any other politician had made those announcements. But Kejriwal being a person what he is, he is just known to making tall promises. He does not seem to have a practical sense of what he talks about.
    He has made similar tall promises during the Goa electioneering as well. One should see the practical side of the story before making huge announcements. And then there needs to be a good amalgamation with the other people who matter. Involving one in the constant bickering with the centre is not something one would expect from a leader who wants to do something bigger.

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    Three years ago Mr. Kejriwal promised free wi-fi in various strategic locations in Delhi including Connaught Place and Connaught Circus. People, especially young people from Delhi, are still waiting for free wi-fi.
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    Kejriwal is only alligator

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    I have heard city mayors and leaders saying they will make their city like Singapore, Shanghai etc. Making like London , I am hearing for first time.

    I have a doubt that Kejriwal somehow wants to escape from the responsibility of being in Delhi and being the CM of Delhi. So he escapes from Delhi on any flimsy reason. Now that the elections are over, he needs a new issue and reason to go away from Delhi. Probably he may use this excuse to go to London for 'studying' the city and how to make Delhi similar. He needs some gap before he finds something to challenge Modi on something like 'show your Class one certificate ' etc.
    Kejriwal is making himself a cartoon and comic actor in Indian politics. What a downfall of a person who was once looked upon as hero and hope! !

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    Latest update: Mr. Kejriwal has now denied that he ever made promise to make Delhi another Londdon in a year.
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