Indian Education System

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The topic which I have simply chosen to write about in the prestigious ISC discussion forum is nothing new. But still, it demands loads of articles to be written on this relevant topic. This concerns a very large percentage of our nation's entire population. Here, one should not mention the percentage of people of our great country for whom acquiring even the basic education is next to a distant dream, which can't ever be fulfilled. Because that will sway my writing from its main motive. The topic is to primarily discuss the plight of people, who are educated and have acquired certificates, degrees and diplomas from many reputed schools, institutions and universities of India. First of all, I will start with the concept of sending our tiny tots to their very first institute, that is, a playschool. The name playschool itself reflects that this is a venue for playful activities and pastime. Does everybody know why this trend of playschools started. This seed bloomed very fast due to the a genuine thinking of parents that these schools helped a lot in preparing their kids for early education and which in turn, actually moulded them to be smart enough to face their first interview board of their school in which they stepped in for starting proper studies. This is the very first hardship which is faced by most of the eligible kids and parents in context with the so called education career of most of the metro city residents. This hassle has become a mandatory part of their lives. However, after-education hassles, are also not few, they are also quite numerous. I also want to explain that no matter how many certificates, diplomas or degrees you collect during your higher studies, until and unless the education can grant an individual good job and earning, the whole concept of gaining education fails. In other words, I emphasise the inevitable importance of ideal linkage of our education system with right jobs i. e. job oriented educational courses.
To understand the strange and unwanted disparity in education and jobs, I would like to cite an example by mentioning certain incidents which reflect the extent of uselessness of much coveted degrees. This pertains to receipt of many thousands of applications by one of the government departments of one of the biggest states of our supreme nation for few vacant
posts of peons and fourth class employees. To an utter surprise, many of the applicants were post graduates, engineers, technocrats and other higher degree holders, which was simply unbelievable.
Similar incidents in some other departments like sanitation in one of the states, got unexpectedly a great number of applications for the posts of drain cleaners and sweepers. An engineer would never like to work as a peon or a sweeper, but his desperation for seeking a job for his living makes him apply as a response to such advertised vacancies. Is this the reason of continuous and ever increasing relocation of budding and intelligent engineers, technocrats and doctors who see nothing but the big pay packages all around the globe and are always keen to leave our country whenever any opportunity comes their way. The education system should be overhauled in such a way that everybody who is educated, gets a job commmensurate with his or her qualifications. This can be very well understood by listening to the tale of an unemployed or scanty salaried individual even when he or she has acquired many qualifications which do not help to fetch good jobs.