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    People who do not have an identity shows off a lot

    Do you agree that people show off a lot about themselves when they don't have any identity that others can recognise about them? If you are a doctor, an engineer, a professor or in any other reputed position then people will know what your caliber is, what your achievements are and how intelligent you are. But if people don't have a qualification like above but capable of making money or standing on his feet, then he will show off a lot about himself to people just to prove what he is capable of doing. He will boost about himself so much that he wants everyone to know what he has done or what he has and how much money he can make. He tries to prove himself to be very intelligent.
    What are your views about this?
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    What I feel that being professional in one field does not bring the required identity to a person. He must reach out, help others and being a guiding spirit to the near and dear ones and even friends and acquaintances so that his name and fame would be glorified. What is the use of being a doctor when he does not recognize the need of the patient and refuse to give appointment at the wee hours. What is the use of Engineer when he wont attend to the community problems in the colony. What is the use of professor when he wont give one hour free education to a child. So it is the attitude matters and not the profession.
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    It sometimes, not sometimes, many a time, is other way round! These days people are being recognised by the way they present themselves, the show off they display with a beautiful English with a dress code. Sorry to say, even the colour of the skin also matters. I may be harsh in my words and it may pinch some people who may not agree with my view but it is a true digestible fact.

    It is not the negligence of our security who unfortunately allow those who enter your residential place guarded by tight security by a car. It is the value given to show off by the affordable while a pedestrian would be put to hundred questions before allowing him to go inside. Sure, it happens everywhere. It is a small example I am telling you and not to belittle anybody.

    If a person enjoying a good position maintains a low profile and looks very simple, we won't recognize him or even won't bother to treat him properly until we know who he was. So, why to blame someone who exhibits a showoff and it's we who are at fault.


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    I am not sure if being doctor, engineer and other professional means one has identity. There are people on stature such IT professional and they struggle with basic IT skills. Doctors who can't do anything other than their own expertise. So if identity is to be believed then many such people are of no use. But mind you they earn good salary and they have everything that common man dreams of. So identity is not formed from degree and money. That's how society projects it to be. REAL identity forms from the action we take for our profession and the society. Then again the way modern society is constructed, money defines success. Show off is now a term reserved for showing your success among the people who can't handle the success. That's how the modern society is judging people.

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    Well, the identity one has comes from what one projects himself or herself without being much showy. I do not think the profession has any role to play in defining the identity of a person. As long as you reach out the people and have a good social understanding, your identity will definitely be admired.
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    Education is important, but to think people's identities are limited to their educational qualification is, I would think prejudiced. That being said please know that many engineers and doctors clear their examinations after many failed attempts. They would have barely managed to clear their exam and got a degree. They are third division engineers and doctors and lack the skill needed of someone in their field. There are also undeserving candidates who get into engineering and medical colleges through the quota system. They struggle to clear the exams and somehow are pushed by the management, so the reputation of the institution does not get tarnished.

    On the other hand, someone who is 'capable of making money' without formal education is definitely laudable. We, as a society have this misconception that only a doctor or an engineer can be successful, all the others are failures.

    I would appreciate people who carve a niche for themselves despite not having an education. If someone is successful and speaks of their accomplishments, there is nothing wrong with that.

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    There are many people who pose and present their selves in a form which does not match with their qualifications and capabilities and surprisingly they are lauded by the society. These people apparently look well educated and full of mannerisms but once you go in the minute details you can easily catch them. Some of them are financially well off while others are mediocre.
    Some of these people are very cunning and they can cheat you at any opportune moment. Their behaviour is basically fake and artificial. In fact with time some of these are well known in their friend circle and the locality and people therein start avoiding them. Please remember that show off business can not last long.
    On the contrary the professional people are known by their trade, qualifications and reputation and their credentials are well established. These are the people who are seen with respect in society specially those who come to help the fellow beings in times of need.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree with what Juana said. There is nothing wrong in taking pride in one's achievements and being outspoken about it, irrespective of academic or professional calibre. It would not need to be labelled as boasting or showing off. They could well be a source of inspiration to those who lack confidence in their own inherent abilities and consider their lack of education as a hurdle to successfully achieving their goals.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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