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    What is he? Please let him know.

    While I was travelling in a bus, a guy sitting adjacent to me saw me reading English Newspaper 'The Hindu.' In that I was reading a column related to the rich, middle and poor class people. Suddenly he asked me,"Sir, Please tell me what am I? Am I rich or middle class or the poor? I thought for a while, and asked him," Okay. What is your asset? What is its value? What is your immobile and mobile assets? What is your bank balance? He said," Sir, I have a house worth 20 Lakh, I have a new car worth 5 lakh, I have a bank balance of Rs. 10 lakh. I earn Rs. 40,000/- per month. My wife has jewels worth Rs. 10 lakh.

    I could not answer his question. I could not say whether he was rich or middle or poor. However, I told him that he was a poor guy.

    Members, Can you tell whether the guy is rich or middle or poor?
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    Mr. Sun: Your co-passenger is actually poor. He is poor because he is low on confidence. He asks another unknown person whether he is rich or poor.
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    By merely having movable and immovable assets, one cannot claim to be rich. The assets may not be in his name or may be in the joint name of the family. If he was really rich and contended, why should he travel in the bus. He has the car and can afford to travel in that. That shows he has the tendency to save and only save and not to enjoy the present life. Some people have the habit of going on saving for the future and wont enjoy the present life. When the past is gone, future is unknown, then giving credence to the present is the wise decision and this man traveled with the author is the fool.
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    I would kindly express my views to make everybody understand that richness and poor state of an individual can not only be judged by his or her current income and owned assets. There are certain people who are born rich or born poor or middle but in their lifetime they encounter many turnarounds. As per my specific views, it will be better if we use factors such as character, attitude, education and acumen as criteria to declare an individual poor, middle or rich. Generally, nobody asks such a question as asked by that guy in bus. Instead of asking for comments on oneself, most of the people pass their time by commenting on other people's wealth and assets and keep on estimating their richness and poor state. Many people who are born to rich parents get the automatic label of rich people throughout their lives even when they are not doing good in their financial aspects at some stage of their lives and similarly society refuses to believe the richness of a born poor person even when he is amassing a lot of money, only because he is labelled poor right from his birth. However, people understand that actual money is currency you have in store, and real money is salary you are earning. Richness of wisdom, character and attitude is totally abstract and sounds well in words but can not be encashed on a shopping counter. Although, in words, we can say that these attributes are just like gold and diamonds but their value in real sense is not even equal to 'plastic' (credit card) , if somebody wants to buy something in lieu of these so called precious or priceless jewels of oneself.

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