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    Can you guide me to get topic to write articles

    Its been long since I have written article in ISC, the reason I am only limited to the subject which I have experience. Music is my favourite subject in which I have little experience and knowledge. So, would like to get help from you all to get the new topic in this subject.

    So, whatever questions comes in your mind about "music" or "musical instruments" please write in your response. It will help me to catch the topic to write about it. Or if you have any question regarding Music, do post that too.
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    You can get lots of articles to write on music which is your area of interest. You can start right from the basics like 'Importance of musical notes' or 'Easy steps to learn a musical instrument' (here you can mention the instrument in which you have expertise).

    You can also write on general topics like 'Music for relaxation of mind', 'Music - the best stress-reliever' or something like that.

    Will update on getting more topics on music.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Mr. Jeets: I suggest you to write articles on lesser-known Indian freedom-fighters. We know very little about them thanks to our faulty education system, but their contribution must be told to the younger generation.
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    You can write about the benefits of music when it comes to health. There have been a few studies that have proved that music even has beneficial effects on the trees and such things. Or else, you may consider writing about great music maestros. Think about writing a how to article on any musical instrument you are comfortable playing.

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    Thank you so much Kalyani, Partha and Timmappa, your valuable advise will sure guide me. Looking for more such response.

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    Here are my suggestions:
    1. You could write on your own personal experience of how you learned to play the guitar, starting with your love of music, whether you took formal training or picked up the finer nuances on your own or while hanging out with friends or professional musicians, whether you had any gig of your own at any time, etc.

    2. There are also different genres of music you could research and write about.

    3. If guitar is your forte, you could mention how it can go well with other instruments, both Indian and western and talk about well known legendary artistes who had these type of fusion concerts.

    4. As mentioned by others in this thread, music is known to be beneficial for the health of both humans and plants. You could write on the extremes of music too - how too loud music is its downside!

    5. Importance of music in a curriculum.

    6. We accept articles on short term courses so you could find out about those related to music.

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    Jeets since you are fond of music and music related contents, it is better you can concentrate in that field and churn out great articles. You can write articles on importance of Carnatic Music in those days comparing to these days. Why it was compulsion on the part of even Cinema actors to learn Carnatic music either vocal or instrumental. Why Indian films have songs in a movie. What may be the reasons to have so many songs , which are no way concerned to the story line. Why the Modern Hindi Cinema songs are copying the old songs and making a mix of that and thus murdering the old good scores.?
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    As you have asked us to provide idea to write content on. You need to little research on music and music instruments. Lets take idea music instruments.
    1) What are the music instruments available like guitar, electric guitar, violin, drum, orchestra, piano, flute etc
    2) Now add these suggestions "how to play" before (guitar, electric guitar, violin, drum, orchestra, piano, flute ) 7 topics
    how to play guitar, how to play electric guitar, how to play violin, how to play drum etc
    3) Similarly you can add suggestions like (how to build, how to tune, how to make, how to choose, how to clean) 35 topics
    4) Similarly you can add suggestions questions which have how does, how do, how, can, what, is, when and search on google you can get huge number of suggestions

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    I am providing couple of topics on electric guitar. It is better to write massive article on such content rather then writing smaller one.
    how to change strings on an electric guitar
    how to play an electric guitar
    how to build an electric guitar
    how to make an electric guitar
    how to tune an electric guitar
    how an electric guitar is made
    how an electric guitar works
    how connect electric guitar to mac
    how connect electric guitar to pc
    how fast to learn electric guitar

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    Thank you so much ME, Mohanji and Rahul for your detailed suggestions. I will try best to write on you all given topics.

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