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    Do a woman lose her self after marriage

    Women has to be committed and has lot of responsibility after her marriage especially in India. Here it is not just marrying a man but she has to please everyone in the family. Though she gets lot of support from her husband to do what she wants and to continue her dream, somewer she will still lose her self in pleasing the entire family. She can't be the way she wants to be and do what she wants to. She has to inform her in-laws and in some cases even seek their approval. She has to dress that is liked by in-laws and many such things.
    Though husband's family support her in all that she does, I feel to an extent she will have to give up her way of living atleast to an extent.
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    Not at all. Marriage to a girl is the passport for her freedom to run a family. we have seen many mothers are running their families as chief, in some houses a lady become chief of four families. These are all in the hands of the girl only. The chaos between the MIL and DIL (mother in law and daughter in law)is mainly because many incoming DILs are interested in secular family in the name of freedom. My mother was the chief for three families (we lived in a Joint family system) and died as chief only as every ladies of our family understandingly lived with her. My wife till her last breath did her services to the family as chief and with independence and freedom in all decision making and moreover she lived a peaceful life only till her death. Mother in laws are telling the ways and practice of the family system adhered in that particular family. It is like the rules of the company where there are difference but law is one. Advice of MIL and FIL are just like the induction system of a company which are given by Personnel or HR department.

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    Why should the author think otherwise about the women through this write up. Till marriage, the person was a mere girl. After getting married, she becomes a woman of great understanding and caliber. She happens to be a good wife, later a good mother to her children. She happens to be a good daughter in law with lot more understanding of the need of the elders at the house. She would the friend of sister in law and be courteous with the brother in law. All these changed attitude in a girl would bring drastic change in her behavior much to the surprise of even her own parents. So according to me , a girl gets due recognition at the in laws house and makes her own mark of acceptance with others and thus proves to be a inspiring strength to all at the in laws house and thus make her the great Bahu.
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    In India it is usually happen to every woman, but I think that it all depends on that individual woman who thinks that her personality is lost somewhere after the marriage, if she wants then she can regain her personality back.
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    Marriage and for that matter all the different roles we take up as part of the journey through life invite changes in our self. Irrespective of whether it is a woman or a man, such changes in our thoughts, ideas and priorities are inevitable. If the role of a woman changes, as a wife and daughter-in-law and so many other new found relations, after marriage, the role of a man is also subject to changes, as a husband, son-in-law and so many other relations. What matters is how we adjust, make compromises and manage the whole show. Sticking to our character or habits will not help in taking our life to a next level!
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    When a girl is married and joins a family it is a great challenge for her to mix herself in the family and accept so many new things in life that sometimes it is difficult to cope up with the situation and she may break down.
    Though it varies from individual to individual in many cases the situation is similar.
    There are some lucky women who get home like atmosphere, love and affection and are easily adjusted in the new environment.
    So in the beginning it is a tough time for her but after certain time when she gets hold of things, she starts becoming more and more comfortable and a time comes when she is the manager of her house.
    The journey is long and if she is discouraged or demotivated in between the result is disastrous.
    Anyway this is the social system and most of the girls accept it as their destiny. There are some who revolt against this and believe in free world. Their lifestyle is entirely different. They don't want to work under anyone and are free birds and at the same deprived of love and coziness of a family.

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