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    Has reservation policy created unnecessary conflicts in our country ?

    Every one is aware of pros and cons of our reservation system and policy. It was basically meant to help the backward class and the downtrodden but with time it has become a symbol of backward castes and even after taking the benefit once their children are again privileged for more.
    The whole thing which was designed by our great leaders once has totally changed its shape and is becoming a curse for many day by day.
    This has created a conflict of interest not only in social but political circles and politicians want to encash it as an opportunity rather than focussing to their main duty of development of country.
    What is the solution and how the members are viewing this issue ?
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    I think reservation mentality has definitely damaged the country in many ways. For example, some of the people think that being born in some caste means we deserve the right of reservation. Some women think being born as woman they deserve to have reservation. In the midst of this chaos, the merit is just another joke. And the aftermath of the reservation is that we have very poor quality doctors, engineers and workers. They are just trying to work for money rather than helping the society with their skills. And that is in turn affecting the society in many ways.

    I'd say we should stick with the reservation based on the financial basis. But there are people who want to make use of the reservation for vote politics. And that is one reason there are people and the lobby keeping the reservation alive. Society has to bring back the merit level lifestyle back. That should realign the society.

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