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    A brave act of a mother to save her daughter

    We all feel that there is no difference in having a son or a daughter as both are equal. But in some parts of the country in small villages having a daughter is treated like a big crime. When pregnancy news of a daughter/daughter-in-law/wife is heard, there are people who pray and wish for a son instead of praying for a healthy baby.
    This story is about a brave woman who struggled to protect her daughter. It was one winter night when she went into the labor. The woman was pregnant with her second child. Yes, she had a daughter in her first pregnancy for which she was cursed very badly and her family wished her to have a son at least this time. Her mother-in-law threatened that her baby will be killed if she gave birth to a girl. Her husband never supported her and agreed to every word his mother said. The woman feared to speak anything and had tolerated all the pressure and abuse from the day she got married. She was married at a very young age and the same year she was pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She loved to have a daughter again but wished it to be a son for the fear of losing the baby. As she was in the labor and was headed to the hospital, she could hear the voices of her husband and mother-in-law threatening her that she will lose the baby if it is a girl. Not giving a heed to pain, she started thinking that she has be brave and strong in case she delivers a daughter and has to protect them. After the baby was delivered, it was announced to be a girl again. This made both husband and mother-in-law very angry. They forced the woman to leave the baby near some temple or garbage or the baby will be killed. They asked her not to enter the house with the baby.
    The woman without thinking much carried the baby in her arms, caught her daughter's hand and walked away. She sought help from her mother but was thrown out of the house even there as her brother did not allow her in.
    With no help even from her mother, she came to a nearby city with the little money she had saved. She struggled a lot during the initial days as she had no one to help, as she had no money and was not educated. But she took it as a challenge to give a bright future to her children and worked hard. She started working in a temple by cleaning the surrounding and stayed in a small room given by the temple authority. Slowly she started doing household work. She enrolled her daughters in a government school and was helped by local people for books and uniform because of her sincere work. She gave a good education to her daughters. The elder one completed her B.Com and helped her mother financially by doing a job. The younger one was still studying but was also doing a part time job.
    She made her daughters educated and also taught them to be brave and to fight for their rights. She taught them to never lose their self esteem and bear any type of violence. She taught them that women can do anything if they are bold and brave.
    Such women who fights for the right cause without having to fear for others is needed more in the society.
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    Wow what a fighting spiting displayed by the woman. Delivering a male child or female child is not at the hands of pregnant women and being a woman herself the mother in law must understand this great fact. But they wont care all those things. For the legal heir, they want a boy to carry out the family hierarchy in future and thus girl child are discarded in many homes. But the woman has not lost the hope and too brave decision to nurture both girl children and thus shown to the world that given the determination and courage, any odd things can be done much to the surprise of others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The story has depicted the fighting spirit of a brave mother to save her daughters. In our country there are many such anonymous women who are fighting the deep prejudices engraved in our society in various ways. We must encourage their struggle. The story is a good read and it is a strong contender for award.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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