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    Brave thoughts - In need to ought.

    Imagine the situations in your mind, so that you'll experience the essence.
    One day, it had become so late that there were no cabs or any transport to drive Sushumna home. Fortunately, a lady passing by offered lift till a half way. The woman hasn't dropped Sushumna at the house as the lady's husband was in the critical condition in the hospital. Sushumna thanked the lady for helping even in such typical condition.

    Getting down from the car, there was a guy who started to follow her(1). Atomic fear started in her.
    She started to walk towards her way home. Taking left to her house, the man came to Sushumna and gave her the identity card she dropped while getting off the car. He smiled and took right to his way home.
    She started to walk again.
    Entering into a narrow street, she noticed another guy staring at her and smoking(2).
    Sushumna pulled her phone out and typed a message. Tensed of the nearing guy she was too alert that she missed in hitting a black dog and its the guy stopped her in doing so. Smiling at her, he went back into his house.
    She almost reached the house which was away from 20 feet.
    Then appeared paired boys drinking on the road(3).
    She walked fast and passed them. Relaxing that she is saved from a big problem, the two guys ran towards her. She observed this and clicked 'send' in her before typed message which she kept ready. The guys held the hands of the girl and the girl is struggling to get away from them. Falling on the ground, she immediately took a small bottle and sprayed over their faces. The guys collapsed on the ground. The SHE-TEAM of police arrived.
    Are you thinking that she used pepper spray? Absolutely 'no'. She was carrying a 'Chloroform' spray and hence they collapsed. She-team reached there as she messaaged the already typed one.
    Every time when there was a pause in narration, like (1), (2), (3) you might have thought that the men would harass her. We are in such mindset. Probably, the series of incidents we came across like this made us think like this. Change the way of 'Thinking'.
    Though, let's take a moment for brave and unique thoughts of this girl and the way she fought with the bad men.
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    From the story narrated by the author for the topic, what I could gather is the Change the way of thinking is the highlight of the content and that way our lives also changes from challenges to success.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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