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    Which job timing is more advantageous- Day time or Night duty ?

    Whether you are in some government services like Railways, Police or even Military, you are bound to work even at night hours. Like wise in private companies too there would be three shifts and especially in MNC's the Night duty would be the order for every one. Given these two choices, what would be your preference of working hours ? Or by accepting the duty of early morning 6 to 2 , we can not only attend the daily duty but also attend some personal works like Bank, Post office or other works on working day ?
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    Day shift is the best to work were the job timings would be 9-6 or 10-7. Night shift is very hectic and one will also have a slow impact on his health. Once in a while working for a night shift is fine but if your job requirement is to work in night shift all the time then that becomes difficult. Sleeping pattern, eating pattern everything changes with night shift. Night shift employee will start experiencing changes on health very soon. He will also start getting dark patches under the eyes. If you feel night shift employee will have time to do his personal work then it's wrong because he will be stressed for lack of sleep and he will end up sleeping. So day shift is always the best to work.

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    Day Shift duty is the most acceptable.Although people have to work night shift also.Day shift is comfortable .People who work in night shift sleep whole day.They feel uneasy and lethargic in day.But people who work in day shift have efficient time for shopping and other house hold jobs,Night shift duty affects everything ,there is no matching with the routine of other members.
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    Yes. Day duties are always better.The individual's efficiency will be high during day time because he will be fresh and alert. Even second shift ie 2PM to 10PM or 3PM to 11PM are not very difficult. But working in the night is not that much comfortable. Even though one sleeps during day time fully, because of the outside atmosphere and environment one can't be as enthusiastic as in day time. The percentage efficiency will come down and output will be less. So always I prefer day duties only. But now a days in IT industries, because of the change in timings of their client companies, are making their employees to work in the office during day time and extending their works at home through laptops and internet in the nights also. It is especially true with senior employees.
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