From thousand of Unheard and Untold Stories of thousands of Brave women, it is one.

I heard it from my father and he heard it from his father and now I always tell this story to people, and this time ISC has created a competition on which this story fits exactly, its a story of my Great Grand mother who died when I was just 9 months old, but because of the nature she had and the bravery she showed in her entire life she gained respect in her whole village my elders and relatives always has different stories about her.
It was the time of Second World war thousands kilometers far away from their motherland in Burma(Now Myanmar) a husband and wife are having a conversation husband is asking her wife to leave for India alone with her children in the next ship which is going to India and wife is resisting for not leaving.But seeing the bombings and firing outside and her three little children's playing on the floor thousands of thoughts are running inside her mind and she is thinking about future of her children . One child, elder one is 8 years old second one a girl she is 5 years old and the youngest is just 1.5 years old( he is my grandfather).
This women has never gone alone anywhere her husband always remained with her but now her husband is asking her to leave all alone, but for the shake of her children she has made her mind. She used to tell my father when he was a child that at the time of war there was no value for gold and money for them as she saw thousands of gold biscuits there but the only thing valuable was their safety and life.
She traveled with her three little children by ship hiding for months and on reaching Indian Soil she felt the breeze of her motherland very sweet, but this sea shore was not her destination not her hometown. Her hometown is still Kilometers apart and she have to reach the foot hills of Himalayas her village Develthal (in pithoragarh- Uttrakhand) and she is not even aware whether there is something to call home or not, because there was no one else in her family.
But somehow she manged to reach her village her house was just debris now. So with all the money she was left with she highered some workers and build a house in place of that Debris and managed her whole family for years with the help of cows and few farm land she had and in-spite of being illiterate she sent her children school made them educated all by her self till the time her husband (my great grandfather) returned home after war. Even after the end of war her financial struggle didn't ended because there was no provision of pension at that time this started years after when she got old.
Today because of the bravery that she showed at that time all her children are settled at good places and her family tree has expanded, and among branches of that tree I am one leaf telling her story.
It is not the story of someone's power or intelligence, it is a simple story of an illiterate woman who sailed across oceans crossed mountains against all the odds and saved her family from war and destruction. Like her there were thousands of women who sailed across oceans to save some life and reach their motherland.