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    The brave woman with deadly combination of courage and brains

    This is a true incident that happened about when my mother was a school student. My mother was travelling with her parents, that is, my grandparents, and my aunts to North Bengal via train. It was an overnight journey. My grandmother had cooked the dinner for the train journey much before at home. She did not prefer outside food while travelling. When the evening lights around the landscape of North Bengal started wearing out, my grandmother insisted on taking the dinner. Hot chapattis, chicken curry, and sweets were on the menu. My grandmother had cooked them before leaving and packed them nice and tight, so that they do not get rotten at the time of eating.
    She started serving the hot dinner in steel plates to my grandfather, mother and aunts. Meanwhile the train stopped in the middle of nowhere. The fellow passengers could not see any platform nearby. Everybody waited patiently for the train to resume its journey. Suddenly they heard faint but very persistent sounds of roar and cry. Everyone was startled and wanted to know the reason. Somehow the news reached from the front end of the train to the coach where my mother was travelling that, thieves have hijacked the train.
    Everyone in the coach panicked and got tremendously scared. The news came that the goons are moving through the coaches in a sequential manner and robbing the passengers of every single penny. While the other passengers panicked in the train, my grandmother thought over the situation quietly. My grandfather whispered to her, "What should we do now, Manorama? Although, we don't have much money with us, what about your gold ornaments? Then my grandmother answered very softly, "Just pass me your moneybag and watch." As my grandfather passed them to her, she swiftly removed her gold bangles and chain into the pleats of her sari near her waist. She transferred the money bag and the watch in her blouse. Then again on a second thought returned few notes from the money bag to my grandfather.
    The thieves eventually arrived. They searched my grandfather and found the few notes that my grandmother had returned. Suddenly their eyes fell on the plates of dinner in the hands of my mother and others. Everyone was so scared, that they forgot to eat their hot dinner. But, the goons cleaned the steel plates off the food before leaving the train. After they left, she explained that had she not returned few of the notes to my grandfather, the goons might have doubted them. It is not possible for people to travel in a train without a penny. So he must have some of the notes in his pockets, to put their mind off the fact that my grandmother might have the actual expensive items with her.
    It is due to her presence of mind and bravery that the family traveled North Bengal with enough money and health.
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    A good story indicating courage and presence of mind. However, I have an uncanny feeling that the dacoits didn't bother your family-members because they were immensely attracted by the delicious chicken curry , chapatti and sweet-meats. So, the moral of the story is: Always keep good food during train journey.
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    Wow what a nice story portraying the brave women in your grand mother and her presence of mind at that moment. Normally in challenging situations, women fail to take proper decision and here is the brave women, who not only safeguarded the gold ornaments , money and lives of several relatives but also escaped unhurt as the thieves tasted the dinner plate and vanished. Here a lesson cane learned by every one. That when ever we are traveling on train for long distance we should not wear costly ornaments and it is better to sport with covering jewels and that is less risky even if it was stolen.
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    I think Partha, that is a high possibility that the dacoits were too much full with the delicious curry and hence they didn't leave anything for the family that night to dine with. My grandmother Mrs. Manorama Ray was a great cook. This was one time when you could utilize her cooking skills to save the family.
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    A very interesting story and real life drama.
    I am much impressed with the presence of mind of grandma otherwise people become so panicky under such circumstances.
    Keeping calm and thinking means and methods to sageguard oneself is a n act of courage and patience and the woman instrumental for this is really to be admired.

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