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    Cashless Transaction-for which things you are able to do and which things you are not able to do?

    Government has forced people to carry cashless transactions by all means at faster pace. Immediately after demonetization there is a lot of talk and discussions in public, media, government and politicians about cashless regime. As no cash is available for common man during this grave period people started using debit and credit cards everywhere to overcome the physical money. Media also published use of debit and credit cards was increased by 200-300% during that time. But as cash position became normal, people started using physical money again and cashless transactions became very much reduced according to the reports. My questions to the members is what what things you are able to do without physical money and what things you are not able to do without physical money?
    As a first response to this I am able to do cashless transactions to pay my landline phone bill, electricity bill, recharging mobile, reservation of train and bus tickets, buying things in shopping maals, corporate shops etc. But I find cash is necessary for buying milk, paying salary for housemaid servants, buying things in kirana shops, paying for tailor, Saloon shop, vegetable vendors, paper bill, gas bill, auto charges, dhobi's, government and private city buses, hotels etc. What is your experience with cashless transactions after demonetization?
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    Not all dealings can be done without cash transaction. For buying grocery and vegetable items and even fetching milk and milk products we need to have cash. For traveling in bus or train we need to buy instant tickets through cash only. Now what I am hearing from my grocery merchant that they have the cap for accepting only 20,000 per month through Paytm method of transferring and he is insisting payment by cash only. So India is still having the problem of full cash less transaction and now I find a dubious way of banks forcefully putting no cash board at the ATM's so that we are forced towards cashless transaction.
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    Government has taken drastic decisions to motivate people for cashless transactions and it is yielding the fruits.
    Now in big cities many shopkeepers have got the swipe machines and are learning to handle these machines efficiently. Some shopkeepers are using wallets like PayTM.
    In small cities also these things are getting popular and people are using it more and more.
    Still there are many things where cashless technique can not work like petty purchases, paying for small services etc.

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    I think govt encourage cashless transaction to keep account of cash.The miracle is seen, Big tycoons are coming under the eyes of Nigarani Vibhag. These days small shopkeepers also accept paytm transaction.People make transaction through Bheem app.Although some places we use cash ,but the most of places cashless transaction is accepted.
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    I prefer / doing cashless transaction for EB bill, Broadband bill, Mobile recharge, ticket / movie bookings, insurance payments, online purchases, monthly grocery purchases, Saloons

    I need cash for vegetables, milk, Gas cylinder, bakery, petrol bunks, public transports, cabs, Laundry, small hotels, medical shops.


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    Wherever there is a facility for online payment, I use it. Like shopping in a supermarket, paying electricity bill, mobile recharge, phone bill, internet bill etc.

    Still we have to pay by cash only the milkman, gas, vegetables etc.

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    Cashless transactions a good initiative. If one wants to really implement the same, it can be done.All major purchases can be done by using debit or credit card. Taxi bills can be paid by paytm , ola cash etc.,. Medicines and small purchases can be done using paytm, chiller, BHIM . Online transfers are in force from long time..
    Paper bill can be paid by paytm. Monthly once I started transferring money to my servant maid, dhobi,driver and milk vendor through NEFT.

    Only for the purchase of vegetables,fruits and cooking gas I am not finding an alternative. Government should make a way of paying gas charges also electronically. The government of AP was proposing coupon system for purchase of vegetables and fruits in Rytu Bazar. How far it is working I don't know.

    Electricity bill. water bill and municipal taxes are also paid online. This is the situation in cities. But in villages and small towns credit card usage is very less. No swiping machines there. Still we have to go a long way for bringing in 100% cashless transactions.

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