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    Why does the Indian government isn't following the constitution?

    Why does the Indian government isn't following the constitution? Sri Lanka has signed a deal with India that it will implement the 13th amendment in Sri Lanka but they didn't implement it fully because their court said its against Sri Lankan constitution. India had signed a deal with Sri Lanka that Katchatheevu will become a part of Sri Lanka. It is against Indian constitution to give a part of our land without the parliament approval. So it is against our constitution right?

    So Sri Lanka respect its constitution but why India fails to? How can a country which helped Pakistan during Bangladesh war be a friend of India?
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    Nice question raised by the author. The way Indian fisherman being caught off Katchatheevu and killed by Maritime officials of Sri Lanka proves that India is not asserting its Constitutional rights and the accord reached earlier is not followed nor implemented. Tamil Nadu fishermen are harassed and their boats are seized on daily basis and Indian government keeping mum on the issue. Sri Lanka on the other hand is forgetting the might of India and its simply testing the patience of Indian government. It s high time Modi government interfere and settle the Katchatheevu issue once for all.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Just imagine Pakistan in place of Srilanka and Gujarat / MH fishermen in place of TN. Indian government / so called national medias reaction would be the same? If Srilanka is friend of India means what about TN? Are they enemy of India?

    Headlines from news channels are

    TN fishermen was killed by Srilankan Navy.
    Indian bowler Ashwin took 6 wickets.

    Ashwin belongs to India but fishermen belongs to TN. What a ridiculous?


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