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    Modi's decision to sell Brahmos missile to Vietnam triggers cold war between China and India

    Modi had visited China to strengthen the relationship but it didn't work.

    - China denies India's move in UN to make Masood Azhar as a designated terrorist. Triggers India's anger.

    - India invited the Taiwan parliament members. Triggered China's anger.

    - China stands against India to become permanent member of United Nation Security Council. Triggers India's anger.

    - India invited the Dalai Lama and agreed to sell the Brahmos missile to Vietnam. Vietnam and other ASEAN countries have dispute against China over the South China Sea. USA didn't support Vietnam since Vietnam is a communist country just like China. Russia won't interfere since both are friendly countries to Russia. ASEAN countries are not that powerful against China and also they are depend on China's trade.

    - Now China is building the artificial islands in South China sea and Modi said 'yes' for selling the Brahmos missile to Vietnam. This triggers China's anger towards India.

    - Last month, India released the 23 Chinese ship crew members held at the Kolkata port.

    - Few days before, Chinese veteran who caught by India 54 years ago finally visited China.

    Now some news reports claims that China is considering India's proposal to ban Pakistani terrorist Masood at the UN.

    What do you think about India-China relationship?
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    Normally what we follow the principle that your enemy is my friend. Same is being done here. India has given the China to understand her position and give proper honor at the International level to fight against the terrorism and China is having compulsion of having friendship with Pakistan and naturally tilting towards their move. Therefore I appreciate the counter check done by our PM Modi to sell Brahmos to Vietnam so that China should understand its grave mistake of not heeding to International pressure to isolate Pakistan a terror state and rogue state. I am fully welcoming the move.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Both India and China are playing classical diplomatic game. China is trying to create problem for India by encircling India with various problems through Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Malives. Chinese Navy have made its presence felt in the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. An all-weather road is being built by China from Gwadar port in Baluchistan (Pakistan) to Xinxiang (Kashgarh, China) through Gilgit-Baltistan. India is opposing it tooth an nail. China is steadily encouraging anti-Indian forces working around India.

    India has sensed the danger, and it has also started playing the same game. Indi has developed good relationship with Mongolia. Indian Navy is making its presence felt at South China Sea. India is exporting weapons to Vietnam. Indian has been developing good relationship with ASEAN countries and Taiwan. India has taken the Chabahar port on lease from Iran to counter dirty game of China and Pakistan.

    This phenomenon is quite natural because both the neighbouring countries (India and China) want to become superpower in another thirty years, and so, both the countries are enlarging their spheres of influence.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    China is a country which always did efforts and actions to show its presence in all sides of its boundaries whether it be China Sea or Mangolia or Russia or Japan or Indo-Pak border.
    Chinese army activities go relentlessly to pursue it's strategic and expansionist policies. It is the most populous country of the world and knows very well how to employ the large part of it in army activities.
    Chinese businessmen are very shrewd and aggressive. They are ready to manufacture anything which has some potential of selling in any part of the world.
    Under the leadership of Modi, India has also awaken to these strategies and trying to go aggressively in all directions which were earlier under the monopoly of a few countries including China.
    We welcome these new moves by India as they will place us firmly in the map of diplomatic and strategic relationship with our neighboring countries.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The new moves by our Prime Minister are very diplomatic and they will make our country stand big with other countries.

    Pakistan is our first enemy. China comes next. China is favouring Pakistan and standing against us in many aspects. Our acts should show China that we are not afraid of them and we can fight out. To indicate this selling Brahmos to Vietnam is a very calculated move.

    We should appreciate and encourage. Proud to be an Indian

    always confident

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    China is not reliable ally. And the best part is china is never an ally. In fact they are helping develop pakistan and using their land. Spending money on developing resources. This means china is also isolating india in world politics. So if india does the same, why expect this not to happen. Chinese are not friends of anyone. In fact they are more of a threat to the world than middle east countries which are known for terrorism. I hope that such isolation with china helps us.

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    Anyone who is self confident will be respected by others also.
    Our country has started getting some such respect from other nations now. This is because of the country's top political leadership having vision and pragmatic action.
    Every sovereign nation has its right to protect its territory and integrity. It has to show that t others in words and deeds. India cannot stand for peace by being victim of other nations' poking and provocating us. The current international relationship is base on the principle of hate and not love. 'Enemy of my enemy is my friend' is the basic concept now. India has slowly started practising that.

    When India also uses the tricks other nations were using against us, the other nations are worried. China is doing a lot to provocate us considering us as weak. So we also have to show them that we have also something to show them which can embarrass them.
    In this regard, I appreciate and support the government's method and course. We should not be cowed down by Chinese-Pakistan axis. We will have every right to take actions which may also be worry them.

    " A coward dies many times before death, but the valiant never tastes death but once'. Why should be we afraid and subject ourselves meekly as we were earlier? We should not bother about what others say. We have our righto take our nations interest first. at any cost.

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    China is displaying its power,than why we sit idle.Our enemy countries underestimate us.The underestimation is so much that these countries always want to disturb India.PM Modi is a diplomatic person,He knows the enemies should know our might.We are capable enough in defending ourselves as well as our neighbor countries.Although we are peace loving,but we should have might to face the challenges and threatening of our enemies.He wants to make cordial relations with them ,but these countries have no value for this attitude.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    China is trying to increase its influence around India. Of llate, India has also started doing the same. It is classic diplomatic manoeurvre.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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