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    Is India on a path of emerging as a dominant power in South East Asia ?

    The present Government is taking initiatives and decisions in various areas and definitely we are in a path to progress.
    The strengthening of army, trying to establish business relations with neighboring countries, diplomatic dialogues with other countries etc are the measures taken by Government which will pay rich dividend in due course.
    Now ultimately the efforts of Government in all directions will not only make India a reputed developing country but also slowly establish itself as an dominant power in South East Asia.
    I invite members view on this.
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    Every time I went to Vizag by Simhandri express I used to see a scene. The train stops at a bridge near Gopalapatnam and down the bridge are few huts. I can't even call them huts. Structures made of some sticks with a black tarpaulin as its roof. I see children playing there, women washing their dishes. The train stops there around for 45 mins and we can't bear the smell. I wonder how the people over there live at such a stinking place. I am pretty sure that there are crores of such slums in India and on the other side we have business tycoons and politicians who spend such huge amounts of money which can save at least ten families for mere pomp and prestige in marriages. Can we say that India is a super power. As long there are inequalities in every way in India it can't become a super power. We should wipe out the so called the political leaders from India at least then we can expect some change. The major problem with India is fanaticism and favouritism. There is a saying in Telugu - inta gelichi, racha geluvu ( win at home before going to rule the society). Its suits India in every way. We are winning abroad. Making strategic partnerships, deals and everything but what about victory at home. The other day I was reading India 2017 I read that India is becoming a high GDP country. Then where does all these slums come from?
    Carpe Diem

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    Why only dominant power in South East Asia, in fact US is worried about India emergence as super power challenging the top five already in place. We may not be having modern equipment, war guns, or even later air force fighting air crafts, but we have strong working force, talent pool and above all go getters in every field and thus India need not worry about other country's progress. We are self reliant in agriculture produce, we are opening up for mixed economy and we are also conducive to changing International demands. Thus India cannot be under estimated by others. Moreover India is gifted with three sides water and one side big mountain which guard our country from external aggression. The only threat we have is from Pakistan which would be sorted out sooner or later.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are very good chances for India to become powerful in the entire globe. But unfortunately all these days we were ruled by selfish people who want to pile up huge amounts of money. Because of that only lot of inequalities developed. The rich is becoming very rich and the poor is remaining poor. India has lot of wealth but concentrated in some places. So if these kind of inequalities are removed and all families are coming above average life line India will become No:1 country in the world. Money rotation is less. It is lying in the lockers or wardrobes of rich. Money has to be circulated, wealth is to be created and employment potential is to be improved. Literacy is to be improved. The present government is definitely going in a right direction. We have to wait and watch.
    always confident

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