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    Why do people prefer having more than one kid

    When ever people have only one child I have seen many elders advising them to plan for one more kid. Some people advice saying that having one more child will give a company for the first child so that the first child will not feel lonely and they can play together. I have also heard others giving advises saying going for a second child is good because if something happens to first child or they lose the first child they will still have another child to depend on.
    What is the reason people go for more kids? I know its every parents personal choice and the thinking differs but what could be the reason?
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    My opinion in this issue is better to have two kids than one. There are many reasons for this.

    In the olden days couples are having more children. No family planning. combined families concept was there. So children used to know various relationships. Maternal uncle, Maternal aunty, paternal uncle, paternal aunty etc. Lot of human relations are existing. Slowly because of poverty of the country and increasing population family planning has come into wide publicity. Many people are following the same. Initially the concept is 2 or 3 children. Then it has become we two and we have two. Slowly the concept is changed to one child. In this latest concept there are no relations. Father, mother and child . As the child becomes adult, wife, husband and child. All others are aunties and uncles only no difference. Slowly all other relations like brother, sister, nephew etc. will be forgotten.

    If you have two children both of them will have company of each other. As it was mentioned if something happens to one we will have at least one. Human relations will increase. Instead of all the time sitting with electronic appliances they can be friendly with each other and spend time,

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    If you can remember when Indira Gandhi was the PM, she churned out the slogan called "Hum do, Hamaray Do " so it was clear that every couple must have two children. And it is necessary because, if the first child being boy, the second could be the girl. A boy and a girl children would make a good home with lots of fun and frolic. But unfortunately for some either two of them being male or two of them being female children are also born. Nevertheless one should not go for the third child which is against the rule of the country and for the Individual to we cannot cope up with more children. So having two child is ideal and enough.
    K Mohan
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    My grandmother has 5 chidren 3 male and 2 female. Its a normal thing to have 4 to 5 childrens at a past time. I don't know why people prefer more than one kid but two childs are enough. Having more than one also teaches children the need to not only share their toys but also parents which therefore makes them independent quicker.

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    How many children one should have is basically a personal choice and most of the people today are satisfied with one. In many families parents stop after one child as they perceive that as sufficient. Still in society there are people who will always advise you to go for a second child illustrating various reasons for it. Due to insistence from family as well as society sometimes second child is also welcome.
    If we examine from financial point of view having more children is a burden. The education is becoming more and more costly. There is lot of expenditure in bringing up the children and maintaining good standards of life.
    So as Mohan has rightly pointed out - 'Hum do hamaray do' is the best thing to follow and so 'two' is the limit.

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    K Mohan,

    Could you explain this absurd statement "one should not go for the third child which is against the rule of the country"?! What rule?

    And it is absolutely appalling to read "A boy and a girl children would make a good home with lots of fun and frolic. But unfortunately for some either two of them being male or two of them being female children are also born."
    - What kind of mind set is that?! What on earth has the gender of a child got to do with having a "good" home? Unfortunate? You serious?! Let me tell you we are all girls and our home has always been a happy one with tons of fun. My aunt always tells us, in fact, how our Dad never once spoke against having only daughters during an era when it was considered great to have sons & relatives murmured what-not. He cared two hoots about what anybody said and he showered his love and support on us (as did our mother) during every moment of our lives.

    It is up to the couple entirely whether or not they want to have one child or many (they will surely have some aspects to consider, such as, say financial), not for others to comment or discuss on the whys.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I would always support the two kids norm. I, as the parent of a single child ( not as a personal decision but due to some other factors), do understand the necessity of having two kids in a family and so do pour out my sincere advice to all those who are near and dear to me. A single child does develop a feeling of being alone even if they have whole lot of cousins or friends with whom they may be very close and may be spending lots of time together. I think having a sibling is a special feeling that gives some sort of security and assurance that even after the death of the parents, they will have someone as part of their family (in the smaller sense) and that does make a difference.
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