The brave woman who sustained her life despite all the struggles.

Janaki, a young lady who lived in a rich agricultural family. It was a happy and peacuful life for her. She was married to Raghu who is the son of her maternal uncle. Raghu's stepmother refused to take care of him and hence he was brought up by his grandmother with a lot of affection. He was a person with no responsibilities of life. After their marriage, Janaki and Raghu were treated very badly by his stepmother. She even refused to give them good food. Within few years Janaki became a mother of three girl children. After few days, they were thown out of the home by his stepmother.

They don't know where to go. Their life has become a question. Raghu is not capable of earning. Janaki, who had dreamt that her life would be more peacuful in her grandmother's home, had to face these troubles. Then Raghus paternal uncle offered to stay in their old house. Now Janaki's life became miserable. Shehad to work as an agrucultural labour to earn her livelihood. She works from dawn to dusk just for 30 rupees. With that money, she used to feed her children and send them to school. Despite of all these Raghu was of no help to her instead he used to bcome angry for silly reasons and abuse and beat up Janaki. He never understood her greatness or treated her in a good manner.

As her struggles continued, there was a big quarrel between them due to finacial problems. Everyone, suggested Janaki to leave him and go away with the children. Even Raghu's paternal uncle and his wife suggested her to go away saying Raghu will never make her happy. Even Janaki's father pleaded her to go back to his home and he offered to build a house for her and a land for her living. In this situation, only Janaki's brother in law suggested her not to leave. He explained her the importance of life and he suggested her stay back with her husband. Janaki took a brave decision not to break her bond with her husband and continued her life. She thought she will live with her husband till the end whether it is sorrowful or happy life. Slowly she changed her husband to be responsible and made her life happy. She even fought with her father-in-law to get their share of property. Her children completed their education and they started earning too. Despite of all the struggles, Janaki took a brave decision to sustain a good life.