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    Asking About Cash For Cool Resources

    Dear ISC Team, I kindly wish to ask that what is exactly meant by cash credit accrued through cool resources.
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    It is the total amount that you have (one has) earned by submitting articles in the resource section.

    For example, if you have submitted 4 articles till now from the date of your joining and if you get cash credits of Rs.30, Rs.50, Rs.25 and Rs.50 for those articles, then your cash credit for cool resources will be the sum total of these four amounts i.e Rs.155/-.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Dear Author

    Thanks a lot for your immediate response regarding my query. But after analysing my cash credit points or earnings, I have found that just before the recent accrual in my earnings, the amount was 292 and my account showed recently added, on 6th of ongoing month, 60 cash credit points in lieu of cool resources submitted. That would have made the total earning equal to 352 but it was showing 327 as my earnings. Is there a discrepancy or something else which is not specified.
    Please explain the facts. I shall be highly thankful to your highly efficient team.

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    You have only 2 approved articles for which you earned Rs.25 and Rs.35. That is your total earnings only from resource section is Rs.60.

    The remaining amount you have earned through contributions in other sections / awards. In case any of your approved article/s or answer/s in AE section or other approved contributions for which cash credits had been given, later get deleted if those are found to be violating the guidelines, then the already credited amount will be automatically debited from your account.

    Anyway, forwarding this concern of yours to our WMs for further clarification. Pls wait for a response from any one of the editors on this.

    Thanks & Regards

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