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    Is there other renvenue sharing programme other than google adsence

    I was an active member of ISC for a long time. I want to get Adsence Revenue. I applied for the same 2 to 3 times but always rejected. Is there any other revenue sharing programme here so that I can earn some money?
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    From the profile it seems you joined this site in 2011 and achieved gold level. Six years passed now and there were drastic changes in rules and regulations too. You must write good number of fresh articles again , be active in this forum and you have to retry applying for adsense through the profile page of your name. Apart from adsense, this site also offers revenue bonus share every month in which top 20 members of this site would earn some decent income based on their inclusive performance in a particular section or all sections combined. So at least now be active and earn money from here.
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    Thanks for valuable guidance. Surely I will contribute good quality content as much as possible here.
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