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    Is it necessary for a PM to go for a State election campaign so intensively?

    In the media there is a lot of discussion regarding Mr. Modi campaigning for their party so intensively in State wide election which was not done by any other PM before to such an extent. In the past any Sate elections are going on, PM's used to visit one or two constituencies even the PM belongs to the same state. But now PM Mr.Modi keeping this tradition away and visited through out the state and attended road shows and many big meetings. The media reports lot of security expenditure and campaigning expenditure incurred due to high security which has to be provided to PM. Do you think is it necessary for a PM to visit so much to turn the voters to their party side and why not he allow his state party people to campaign for themselves?
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    In politics every politician wants to save the chair and PM Modi also is on the same mission. Nothing wrong on his campaign trail for a state election. Why he has to undertake intensive campaign in UP elections because, he was elected from Varanasi and the same voters has to chose the state CM for this time. If Modi wont go nor campaign, the voters would take it has gamand attitude of PM and may not vote BJP candidate. By the way in BJP there are not many star campaigners and thus Modi himself took on the responsibility of registering win for the party in seven phase UP elections for which the results would be declared on Saturday. Always UP elections are like match between Pakistan and India and stake holders would be vying for each other to over shadow others. And being the big state going to polls surely all the parties want to test their popularity with the voters.
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    Some people feel that Mr Modi has broken some protocol barriers by openly jumping in state politics but it is not so. Today it is a matter of utmost importance for BJP to take as much seats in UP as possible because the future scenario depends on this crucial election.
    Please remember he is the one in the party who has been trusted by millions of Indians for his honesty and real efforts for development of nation.

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    Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and other Prime Ministers used to campaign for their party(parties). This was perfectly alright for them. If Narendra Modi campaigns in the Legislative Assembly elections, then it becomes a criminal offence. Who bothers about such one-sided view? The opposition parties are increasingly being ridiculed all over the country.
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    It is not good practice PM to do but yes BJP has no other choice. Everyone know the PM is ultimate decision maker even if state level too if their government forms. It is all tax payers money. While said that it is duty of people too to best way choose their leader. Know your constituency participating candidates. Check their education, career and wealth. Going back to PM , he is doing what he wanted and someway it is right. He can only control entire country when all states also gets same party ruling. I don't see he is campaigning more in any other state than UP so it should be given exceptional.
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    Main purpose of any political party is to win the election. I think It is not wrong to compaign for your party after becoming PM. Narendra Modi is a political leader and the most trusted face of the party along with being a PM. He is within his right to compaign for party he belongs to. there is no necessity or provision in the constitution against the PM compaigning in any election.

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    When BJP wins the elections in UP the party would take credit for having put up brave show against all odds of SP and Congress alliance and also personal attacks on PM through words. Imagine if BJP looses some of the seats in UP and other parties comes to power. Then that would be negative mark for the PM. So he does not want to have negative impact of UP elections on rest of the country and by the way this is the mini general election where in 16 percent of total country voters are registered their votes and thus this verdict will spell the future course of action for every party in UP.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan: In India, even if a minor opposition leader sneezes, the blame would go to Modi. If he doesn't go to Varanasi, oppsition leaders would say that the PM is neglecting his constituency, if he goes there regularly, then they would say that the PM is going there too frequently.

    Perhaps they want similar treatment for Varanasi as Rae Berili and Amethi get in the hands of the Queen Mother and the Prince.

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    Well said Partha. The way the Congress and SP is very desperate to capture the power in UP they can go to any extent to tarnish the image of PM. One must appreciate here that without the help of greats like Advani and Vajpayee, our PM has taken the campaign trail very serious and of course with good help from Amit Shah, the turnout in BJP road shows really rattled the Congress and SP alliance and thus they are blaming Modi for bringing terror modules in new name inside India. One thing is sure, after UP election results, our PM has plans to work tough on his detractors.
    K Mohan
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    It is PM Modi work culture.He has the quality of real leader.He focuses both regional and national politics.When there was election in Bihar,he used to come many times.In such way he takes part in U.P election .Bihar election was challenge able for him.The RJD and NDA alliance was unprecedented.So that alliance of SP and Congress in UP.They have only one aim to defeat BJP. Nothing wrong if Modi is involved in regional politics.
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    In earlier days many of the PMs were from Congress. Sometimes they were very sure that they would win. Sometimes the might know that their visit might not have any impact on the out come . So they were not going so much for state elections. The local leaders used to do the campaign with a banner and photo of their PM or Bigboss.
    If the won, it was the value of Banner and photo. If they last it was the inefficiency of local leader. It was the blame game.

    But it is not the culture of BJP. UP is a big state. Win here is a must for BJP for improving their Rajya Sabha tally. Another important point is PM got elected from this state. All these points might have made Mr.Modi to take the elections seriously. However comments will be there either way. If he doesn't go ,media will say he is reluctant. If he visits they will say he is taking the issue seriously and wasting Government money. So one should not take these comments seriously.

    All the parties combined in UP against BJP. In that way also BJP should try hard to win. Amitsha and Modi has to lead from the front. So nothing wrong in Mr.Modi involving in state elections.

    always confident

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    Well, it's all 'Tactics'! We already know that there are 5 MLA seats to be won. If BJP wins these elections, it's almost having all the grip over North India. Of course, when there are a number of MLA's belonging to the same party, taking decisions becomes easy and then actions can be put into force. Losing it is a big loss! It's almost end of the chapter for BJP in 2019 elections if they lose this. The Demonetization effect, the loss in UP elections make people come to a conclusion of BJP's collapse. And the interchange of the political leaders from party to party is already very well known. If they lose they lose people from the party as they join other winning parties.
    Keeping all this in mind, Keeping Modiji's word power in mind, the BJP party planned this way who hopefully waiting for their win as they just need 35% of votes.
    Though nothing to bothered about the fight with words.

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    #592800 "Well, it's all 'Tactics'! We already know that there are 5 MLA seats to be won. "-5 MLA seats! Am I dreaming or reading?
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    The response by Sai at #592800 has put it up clearly as to why Mr Modi was over enthusiastic in dealing with UP elections. In addition there was this fear about the L. K. Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi factor too which made him go overboard. To those who are aiming comparisons, I would like to ask whether Mr Modi was as active in the earlier elections? He will do it only if he need to and knows very well when he need to; after all, the basic traits cannot be ignored!

    And, Mr Mohan, can you take a stand?

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    It does look quite odd, but yes, UP is a huge state and has a great bearing on the number of members it sends to the Parliament. From that point of view, it is quite important for the PM to go on a campaign the way Modi has been doing. I do not think anything wrong in it. I have seen the past PMs campaigning for state elections. I do not understand the reason for singling out Modi in that context.
    Moreover, he is elected as an MP form that state and it is quite expected of him to campaign for the assembly elections there.

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    Party is primary and the governance is secondary. Without being in a party, Modi could not have raised as Prime Minister. Hence, he sacrifices his time for his party BJP. He wants to make the Central ruling easy by having his party ( BJP) ruling the states. There is nothing wrong if a Prime Minister goes for campaigning for the party to which he belongs. Unlike any other PM, Modi is very strong, active and energetic to move and campaign like a roaring lion.
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    Now the author would have got the best answer through the UP elections result. Getting 324 seats out of 403 was the impressive and massive record and that was possible when PM Modi took the campaign trial on his shoulders as he was also taken a back with the sudden alliance of Congress with SP and you know Modi cannot risk the campaign on other lesser known leaders for UP. One more good thing he done is the non announcement of any CM candidate before hand and that would have polarized the votes share community wise in the UP which is known for the good knowledge of voters.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Have we now got the answer to the question raised in this thread? Politically it was a correct decision. Administratively also this would be fruitful for governance. With the majority in Rajya Sabha in future, the all-important GST bill will be passed without any hindrance.
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